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Re: mauser rebarrel options.

07 Sep 2015
@ 06:35 am (GMT)

G Dog

Hi Jon,

Theres a wee story behind the rifle - underfunately not a good one. I was very much looking forward to using this rifle in 8x57, but the barrels not the best and Im not willing to waste money on ammo to test it. Your extremely lucky to have some 170gr sst. I tried very hard to get hold of some before I actually had the rifle and it was impossible. Please reply back in this thread when you've tested them.

Mike - I am the poster on the other forum :) - but thanks for posting this just in case I didn't know. Thats what I love about small foums - People are helpful and go that extra mile.

At the moment the project is on hold. I've just purchased an absoulety stunning 1973/74 ruger m77 in 7x57. I'm going to start a new topic on it soon.

Cheers all :)


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