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How to Improve Shooting Form

24 Aug 2015
@ 09:38 am (GMT)


Been looking at ways of improving my shooting form and was wondering what other people do.

I only get to actually shoot once a week so I do holding exercises & dry fire practice nightly but unfortunately dry firing provides no feedback or shot analysis. Have seen products like SCATT, RIKA & Noptel that attaches to your rifle, which is what I would really like but these come at a price of starting around $1,500, & that's if you can actually source the product.

Does anyone have any ideas or products that improves one's shooting form and provides feedback on shooting flaws.


24 Aug 2015
@ 10:10 am (GMT)

Steph Foster

Re: How to Improve Shooting Form
Hi Mark, we all wait for Nathan to finish his next book on shooting technique and field work. Due out in the next couple of months. For a very reasonable retail price, available in paperback and Ebook lol.

All the best,

24 Aug 2015
@ 06:09 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: How to Improve Shooting Form
Hey Mark. +1 Nathan's books are a Gold mind of information. Get the whole set. They're a lifetime purchase and once read and understood will provide you with a clear and practical library of knowledge and reference for everything to do with hunting and shooting. If you scroll down the Home page on here You will see Nathan's article called
" HOLD THAT FOREND" If you haven't already done so. Please read it? Your question reminded me I heard years ago! That if you want to practice your shooting at a running target to use the flies as they land and walk around on the wall. NOT WITH A LOADED RIFLE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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