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Close range SSTs

14 Aug 2015
@ 07:53 am (GMT)

John Hunter

I have an old Rem. 740 in 280 that I use for close range
deer hunting. I've been using factory lead tips but
just started reloading with 154 gr SST. My concern is
expansion at close range (20 to 100 yards) would annealing
help? I've also heard of removing the tip and opening up
the hole to aid in expansion. What would you recommend?


14 Aug 2015
@ 08:22 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Close range SSTs
hi john
im still playing around with anneal 270 sst's but Nathan says it helps with holding them together at close range
your other option is to step up to the 162gr sst's along with annealing this will give you better penetration up close and expansion out long.
if your shooting close range you might find something like the speer hotcors helpful to.
14 Aug 2015
@ 10:29 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Close range SSTs
why would you drive a FERRARI down to the shops to buy a carton of milk????
Im positive that there are abosute loads of projectiles in .284 that are more than capable/suitable for as you say "up close" shooting.....
my point being if you looking at SSTs but think you may have to bugga around with them to make them work up close you would be better off starting with say a...150ish grn round/flat/soft projectile DESIGNED for the task you are asking, and keep your SSTs for out in the open etc.
have a look in the knowledgebase and see what Nathan recommends for that "type" of your best pair of boots a partition would do the bizo....
14 Aug 2015
@ 10:32 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Close range SSTs
Serra 170grn prohunters sound great...I have rapidly dwindling stock of speer 170grn RN for my .270 for just this purpose.
14 Aug 2015
@ 09:35 pm (GMT)

John Hunter

Re: Close range SSTs
I have other 284s and shoot a lot of AMaxs and bought the SSTs because
of the same BC before I found out the AMax was a good deer round. I have
them so I might as well use them. Shot water jugs at 50yrds and it did well
But haven't used on deer yet and just a little concerned. I usually shoot behind the shoulder but maybe I should shoot for high shoulder.
14 Aug 2015
@ 09:50 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Close range SSTs
+1 Partition bullet . In the 284 Winchester text It says.

The 160 grain Partition or Accubond driven at 2700fps are also excellent out to moderate ranges.
Get sum! Bambi will have more respect for you.
18 Aug 2015
@ 05:13 am (GMT)

Warrick Edmonds

Re: Close range SSTs
I have been using 154gr SST's for red deer for the last four years thereabouts. I'm shooting 7mm rem mag. I've shot a few at less than 100m and have to say the bullet worked very well. The last red was in tight, ferny scrub at about 35m, if fell on the spot and didn't twitch. Autopsy showed devastation inside the chest. I don't think you need to fart around with this bullet at all and will be sticking with it as my go-to projectile.


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