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Research for Tikka T3 bedding

10 Aug 2015
@ 10:28 am (GMT)

Mark McClure


I am starting to research the technique for bedding a Tikka T3 Lite. After some strange results I am eliminating the equipment as much as possible.

It will put 7-9 shots almost in the same hole, either off the sand bags or bipod, however after that there are flyers, stretching the group to 1" or more. We have missed some shots that we really should not have missed in the field so time to sort it out in a systematic manner, eliminating the variables I have control over.

The but I need to understand is the recoil lug on the Tikka, exactly which bits need metal to metal contact, which bits need clearance and does the lug need keying into the bedding in the stock?



10 Aug 2015
@ 06:53 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Research for Tikka T3 bedding
Hi Mark have a look at an older post (tikka t3 beddin/build ) Martin and Ben have gone through the process and put picks up.
The only bit of the lug you want metal in metal is the front of lug. Top and back of lug need tape relief.
I strongly suggest Nathan's books they go into more detail. Small but priceless investment
11 Aug 2015
@ 09:44 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: Research for Tikka T3 bedding
Hi,while you may have an issue with bedding it sounds more to me to be a barrel issue ,if a person can call it a problem.

To be able to get the light barrel of the Tikka to put 7-9 shots into the same hole is amazing !
I think that is a bit much to ask for a heavy bull barrel to do much less the Light Contour Tikka barrel.

You must be shooting Varmints to be shooting that kind of volume ?

Anyway I am sure Nathan can help you .

Good luck
13 Aug 2015
@ 08:35 pm (GMT)

Mark McClure

Re: Research for Tikka T3 bedding
Thanks guys, yes bought the book.. Going through it now. My cleaning technique also left something to question marks against the fouling. I only used hoppes 9 before. Changing that as well.

Talking with few mates that are pro roo shooters they were shocked to hear about using the pads and polish on barrels. I will follow Nathan's process to the letter and see the results.

I know I may be expecting more from a lite barrel than it is capable of when warm but even after cooling it exhibits the same results, after 7-9 open groups.

Also order the stock stabiliser from Nathan. So getting stuck into in the weekend.


13 Aug 2015
@ 09:11 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Research for Tikka T3 bedding
Hi Mark,

Be careful polishing the Tikka barrel as they are finished to a high grade out of the factory. Copper cleaning will have a big effect if you are only just starting to use Sweets or similar. Light polish only for maintenance as in your book unless you are seeing heavy copper fouling which would be unusual for a Tikka.

Stabilize your stock & see how it shoots being mindful how you load the stock as the flex point will then be around the recoil lug area.
You may need two point bedding as Nathan recommends in his instructions, this was how my sons 308 was done and it was always well inside Moa with cooling, but l do mean a cool barrel!

14 Aug 2015
@ 12:06 am (GMT)

Mark McClure

Re: Research for Tikka T3 bedding
Thanks Martin,

Yes I think the polishing may not be required for this rifle. Only used hoppes 9 until now but will switch to sweets. Also have a product called Gundlick pro, foaming cleaner, a foaming spray that you squirt down from the breach. Foams up and I would have though coats the barrel evenly. Highly recommended by a mate, working in a shop but also an excellent shooter.

Will be both stabilising and bedding this weekend. Now that I am starting to understand it all makes sense. Movin the stress/flex point if you only do one. The info in the book makes sense and has made me think things through a bit more to the possible consequences of each change..... I now have to revisit the 7-08 and start on the 300RUM with a fresh mindset.



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