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Quiet or Sunsonic ammo projectile selection.

27 Jul 2015
@ 09:24 am (GMT)

Christopher Howse

I would like to make some quiet ammo for use in a .308 and maybe .223. I can use ADI Trailboss powder to produce quiet loads using published data but I do not know the actual velocity of these in my rifle. No Chronograph. Aiming for quiet ammo or even sub sonic velocity ( No silencers for general use in Australia just looking for a quiet load)
Can anyone tell me what projectiles will be suitable to dispatch small/medium game at these velocities under 100m?
I have sourced Speer 130gn HP varmint with the larger than average hollow point. I also have some Hornady 150gn Soft point. in the .308.
Is there a good hunting projectile that performs at lower velocities?


27 Jul 2015
@ 11:41 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Quiet or Sunsonic ammo projectile selection.
This is at the end of the 308 knowledge base information
Subsonic load (16" test barrel, 1:11 twist)

200gr bullet

10gr Trail Boss

Federal 215 magnum primer

Remington case

Average 1010fps MV

No special reloading procedures.
Load supplied by B. Cameron, NZ.

Maybe you can drill the tip making it into a hollow point or file the tip flat? Keeping in mind that you don't want the bullet separating leaving the jacket stuck in the barrel. I'm sure that someone would have played with this idea!
27 Jul 2015
@ 07:20 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Quiet or Sunsonic ammo projectile selection.
hi Chris 178 or 208 grn amax cut tip of and anneal as per Nathans VLD procedure. in the past Ive used 162 in my 7mm like this with suppressor for smacking goats with out scaring deer do not use these at full velocity they may fly apart
28 Jul 2015
@ 04:30 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Quiet or Sunsonic ammo projectile selection.
In the 308 how about a lead cast projectile from the likes of Hawsbury River or similar. They make many to perform at slower velocities like in pistol cartridges, etc.

There cheap enough, may be worth a call to talk it through with them. Never got around to trying them in the 9.3mm, it's on a long list of things to do.
Anyway just an Idea.
28 Jul 2015
@ 07:56 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Quiet or Sunsonic ammo projectile selection.
Im using casty projectiles 151grn HP bought of trademe dirt cheap. they are great for bunnies or possum up a tree and have knocked over my home kill sheep no issues...that said the rainbow trajectory makes more than 40 yards not on for me, also they will ping off into the distance with a horrid noise if you dont plonk them into something soft or the bounce off a rock/log. Ive heard most subsonic loads will do this, and guys are head/neck shooting goats but range is the key...keep them for up close or just use full power loads, too easy to wound animal as there is next to no shock when they are hit sort of like a arrow I guess. lehigh make a super duper projectile for subsonic speed, costly but reports are great.
28 Jul 2015
@ 11:02 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Quiet or Sunsonic ammo projectile selection.
Looks good. I like the idea of inserting a .17 projectile into the hollow point.


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