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Howa mini .223 released.

22 Jul 2015
@ 04:28 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Just notes for reference:

Howa mini action 223. The magazine cannot be lengthened like former, this is a scaled down action, the first time Howa has deviated from its standard production in many years (other than small mods).

Mag length internally 59.5mm, 10 shot detachable.
Polymer stock not Hogue.
#1 contour (ultra light) barrel.

Should suit most bullets but will not suit the 75-80gr A-Max. Will however go OK with the usual gamut, plus the 60gr V-Max. U.S users may want to play with the 79gr DRT too as this works well in standard / AR mag lengths.

Twist rate is 1:9- quite a good allrounder.

Normal bedding and tuning procedures will help get the best out of these. Current model Howa barrels are looking good so far. This one will hopefully make for a good youth rifle and acceptable light game culling rifle- should not heat up too much.

Thanks Marty and Dan at Reloaders for the heads up.

There you go, shortest rifle review ever based on zero experience with this new rig. I think I used the word 'should' twice!

Should = assumption.

Cheers, Nathan.


22 Jul 2015
@ 04:34 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Howa mini .223 released.
One more thing, Current retail price is NZ839 at Reloaders. I have to give Reloaders a pug after Dan went to that effort. Its only fair.
27 Jul 2015
@ 08:59 am (GMT)

Christopher Howse

Re: Howa mini .223 released.
Sounds good, One of the Sakp selling points is that they have action length's to suit various cartridge lengths and some people see this as important.
Howa are common in Australia and so are .223's so it may take off here.
A medium or heavy weight barrel would be well received in Australia for spotlighting rifles.
27 Jul 2015
@ 10:06 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Howa mini .223 released.
Yeah think they will sell well too Chris, they also have a 20" fluted varmint version in both 204R & 223 for a good price. That will make a great compact Ute/Varmint or youth gun as Nathan said.
I have been told a hinged floor plate model will also be available but you would need to check.

I backed out of one as Nathan knows when l worked out the shortened action length and lighter sporter barrel, instead staying with the original short action 223. Extra magazine length (or easily modified to get) is generally high on my shopping list, allows for more options in pill choice & seating depth experimentation.

With the twist rate should be heaps of fun for my son to experiment with! TBR kits are ordered for stabilizing & bedding and this will be the first rifle that he sets up with a bit of help from Dad and the fella in NZ.


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