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25/06 help!

20 Jul 2015
@ 12:05 am (GMT)

Mark Boddy

Hey team, now please don't kick me to hard here as I've learnt a lot since owning this rifle and what I should have done verse what I have done.......

This is my first ever bought hunting rifle and I love it dearly!! It is a mkII model 77, I had a good friend Harvey Westland work on it some years ago and I dropped my first two deer with it, since then it has not had a lot of work due to work and other commitments but I now find myself with a bit of time, and with a bit of fitness work my 44 year old legs will soon be out hunting!

But I did something a little silly, I suppressed it and the barrel now measures a little over 20 inches, it's still deverstating on wallabies with 53.1 gr of H4831sc and Sierra 90gr hpbt, but have I killed it as a deer rifle?

I know the 1/10 twist is good for 100 gr projectiles, do you think the rifle can still deliver a clean and humane kill? I'm not a bloke who likes taking long shots, I would imagine most deer I would shot at would be within 100 meters or so. Is there still enough hydrostatic energy given I had a couple of inches removed....... It just seemed such a good idea at the time! (Hearings still buggered though! ) or can I use a faster burning powder and even a slightly heavier projectile?

Any suggestions


20 Jul 2015
@ 12:37 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 25/06 help!
hi mark.
i would have a read of the knowledge base if you haven't already.
if you got spare time and plan on working on guns i would highly recommend purchasing Nathans books.
as you'll find things like bedding etc very helpful.

to your question the nosler partition might be a good projectile to look at as you shouldn't suffer any issues with blow up at close range.
you are likely on the right track to using a faster powder to make the most of a short barrel.

i would work up a nice load with what powder you have on hand, then experiment with others.
best of luck.
20 Jul 2015
@ 08:24 am (GMT)

Mark Boddy

Re: 25/06 help!
Thomas thank you for your reply, I'm not really concerned re the bedding etc as the rifle is extremely accurate and out performs me every day, however when I have my game together it can prove very accurate indeed.

I am more concerned regarding the loss in velocity, I noted that impact under 2600 fps and the benefits of the 25/06 are somewhat lost. I've gone back to my reloading manuals and see that barrel lengths for testing range 24 -16 inch, my rifle is roughly 21.25 inches in length, I wouldn't expect that the length taken off my barrel would compromise velocity to that extent (2600) I will look at either H4831 or H4350. I've a box of swift scirocco II 100 gr , they seem to have a rather long bearing surface which again will require a bit of push! Just guess it's a bit of load dev and a chrono then!
20 Jul 2015
@ 10:47 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: 25/06 help!
Talking this through with a mate on the weekend Mark and as you have already said you have removed the key to the smaller bored 06 "velocity".

This must be the down side to having access to suppressors, everyone turns their rifles into Carbines! Doh! ...........Still wish l could have them though hahahaha.

Nathan writes about these sorts of problems in his cartridge book and a 100gr Sierra with a suitably fast powder would work on Fallow at the ranges you mention.
What you have now is a lot like the .257 Roberts, have a read in Nathans Knowledgebase.
21 Jul 2015
@ 06:54 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: 25/06 help!
you have what I do but my bore is a little bit fatter being 7mm...or .270 winchester if you like. load it with as heavy a projectile as you can and hit deer through the boiler room preferably taking out one or both shoulders in the process and your freezer will stay full......... you dont need a Ferrari to go down the shops and buy an ice cream!!!!
have a squizz at energy figures on charts with your estimated velocity/bullet weight and staying above that magic 1000ftlbs range wise will give some piece of mind.
or to put it another are probably still much better off than a guy using a .222/.223 given you are both taking animals under 200 yards. and plenty of us wont hesitate to to take deer with one of those two.
26 Jul 2015
@ 02:53 am (GMT)

Glenn Robinson

Re: 25/06 help!
My .260 rem was chopped to just under 16 inch and suppressed. I have kept the freezer full of venison with it. Then I decided I needed to buy a chronograph and measure bullet speed of my reloads. Shock and horror, the 129gr sst was racing along at 2200fps. Sometimes what you don't no you don't need to no. Please note all deer shot under 200yards. So I wouldn't stress too much about your 25/06. [b]
27 Jul 2015
@ 07:38 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: 25/06 help!
LMAO Glen......just goes to show that old fella(probably a chinaman) knew a thing or two when he said "many a good load has been ruined by a chronograph"
29 Jul 2015
@ 09:05 pm (GMT)

Glenn Robinson

Re: 25/06 help!
True Mike, that same wise bloke also told me it's not the size of your tool it's how you use it.
But seriously I had similar thoughts as Mark regarding the short barrel issue. But as my rifle was chopped for the use as a close range tool I had the perfect excuse to get another rifle for open country hunting.


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