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canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???

02 Jul 2015
@ 04:01 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hoping some of the friendly canadian members could give some light on this.
this is where i saw the news

going to be interesting if they keep a single stack magazine but want 10 shots?
also seems sad to destroy good gun (might be U.N policy on ex military arms) we had problems in nz with when the .22 training enfields left service they were going to be destroyed. after much protest they auctioned them but with strict conditions, from memory having to be at auction in person and one rifle per a person so sadly most got destroyed.

Nathan did you swear a little when you saw subject?


03 Jul 2015
@ 05:29 am (GMT)


Re: canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???
The Enfields belong in Noah's arc don't they.... I'm surprised any government agency is still using them.
I'm in new zealand and last time I talked to a guy he inherited about two trailer loads of those old things. I know there were some .22 trainers in there too. I can't remember exact details but if you want one I could put you in touch with him.
03 Jul 2015
@ 09:32 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???
Thanks Thomas, I just had a read of the article. If you think about the Lee Enfield, it had the same basic sights as an AR, it often had a better trigger and without any tuning, both the AR / M4 and Lee Enfield shoot about the same sized groups at 100 yards. The M4 might seem to have a bunch more firepower which is certainly true for suppressive fire, but the Lee Enfield could be cycled and fired quickly and every shot could be made to count. And it was powerful.

My point is that even though the Lee Enfield may have seemed antiquated to some, there is some merit in its usage upon closer inspection. The new T3 should be a very nice rifle. Just a shame to see the old rifles destroyed, typical of modern left wing ideals- can't have more guns in circulation. Realistically the rifles should be first offered to those who have spent so many years using them.
04 Jul 2015
@ 05:27 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???
I read an article a few months ago that the Talley barney where giving the guys in Afghanistan a bit of grief using these old antique Lee Enfield 303s for sniper duties? The mad minute was the 303 Lee Enfield's strong point. How will the Tikka handle the extreme cold and snow in the action? How good a club are they and do they handle fixed bayonet charging practice? I hope that they fare better than the M16 did as a replacement weapon. How many good men died because the new gun jammed when it was needed? Funny how the decision makers don't have to live with the decision that they made! Isn't it time for a redesigned knife and fork? Yeah nah!
04 Jul 2015
@ 07:48 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???
be very interesting to see if they change bolt shroud, alloy recoil lug or triggers.
i have great respect for the old 3 oh and they just work and have worked for years. a mauser with 10 round detachable mag might be nice.
a gun from finland having problem with snow? do wonder if the tight tolerances with cause issues with mud.

warwick on the subject of the m16 these are some interesting video's with one of the designers, he talks about ammo getting changed to higher pressure without being told etc
09 Jul 2015
@ 03:35 am (GMT)

Scott Campbell

Re: canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???
Hi all,

On a similar note - look up "Sirius Sled Patrol" on Wikipedia.

This is an elite unit of the Danish Navy, tasked with long range reconnissance patrolling in Greenland.

Their issue weapons - the Gevaer M/53 - (17) - a modified M1917 Enfield bolt action in 30-06.

They also carry Glock 20s in 10mm Auto - apparently their earlier Sigs in 9mm Parabellum did not have sufficient stopping power with multiple shots against polar bears!

They do not have any plans to change their issue rifles as far as I can make out. The article states that "the weapons carried reflect the harsh conditions."

Are the Canadian Rangers missing something here?

I have nothing against Tikkas but I know what my weapon of choice would be for Canadian conditions - No 4 .303.

Bit biased maybe as I have a original No 4, plus a couple of sporterised No 1s, but I know what those old girls can do!

Just thought this may be of interest,

Regards to all,


18 Jul 2015
@ 05:36 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???
just seen the new Tikkas they will be getting....very nice, the laminate stock would put a horn on a jelly fish.
lets hope they stand the test of harsh conditions.
23 Aug 2015
@ 01:15 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: canadian rangers replacing lee enfields with tikka's???
just quick update for anyone interested looks like rangers will be allowed to buy there lee enfields


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