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Re: BRNO ZKK Project

25 Jun 2015
@ 11:05 pm (GMT)

Mike Dewey

Thanks for the reply Nathan. Have some of your compound from another project. Ordered two just in case...

Wondering about relief between the front 'pillar' and the threaded projection under recoil lug. Contemplating just filling gap with compound then Dremelling out some relief if needed. What think?

The Leopold 2-7 x 33 VXR is maybe a newer version of what you're thinking of, I can easily fit a fist between brow and rubber eye piece. Put probably close to 150 rounds through without trouble off a rest or sand bags. (Already have a crescent scar over my right eye anyway.)

Wanted 4895 but have to take what is available. Tried 4350 but couldn't get enough into a new case to get dangerous.

Looking forward to your take on 9.3 bullets although Nosler partitions will be my go to for larger game and will likely try the PRVI round nose on deer as softer and should open up quick.


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