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T3 stock forend

20 Jun 2015
@ 07:59 am (GMT)

Mike Woodhead

I have just taken apart my T3 for a good clean and noticed 2 little marks on the barrel and rub marks on the knox ,upon looking at the stock I noticed 2 little protruding points on the ribs about half way down the forend.
I lined up barrel and stock and its the spot where there has been some rubbing on the barrel.

1st is this normal? good for harmonics.

2nd if its removed [ free float barrel ]what are the possible outcomes.

I have nathans books yet they don't go into depth in regards to this.
the other forums that I have looked at people have removed said 'points' and accuracy has improved.
I will be bedding and stabalizing at sometime.
just learning more about my gun.

there's no dumb questions...only dumb people who don't ask questions.


20 Jun 2015
@ 10:50 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: T3 stock forend
most t3's have the pressure points, i think its only the varmint modles that don't.

it 'can' be good for harmonics, but consistency can be a problem with temp changes.

remove it, could get better, worse or stay the same.

if your going to stabilize and bed soon then remove it.
20 Jun 2015
@ 09:04 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: T3 stock forend
Hi Mike, I was very specific about this in the accurizing book. Do not remove the pressure points unless you intend to stabilize and bed due to the reasons Ben stated.

As I have written in the books, the T3 plastic stock is a fluke of a design (regarding accuracy) which can work very well as an entire system so to speak. You'll note that the pressure points are not at the forend tip but set back in the barrel channel at a specific point which can work very well. Change this and all bets are off.
20 Jun 2015
@ 10:06 pm (GMT)

Michael Woodhead

Re: T3 stock forend
Thanks for the info Ben and Nathan.
dont worry my intention is not to remove them .
this only my second rifle in about 25years my 1st was a742 woodmaster in .308 . The T3 is my training rifle for shooting technique and learning tool for reloading ( next book to get )before i step up in cost to either a 'sendero'or the 'longrange'
wouldnt removing it even after bedding and stabalizing still alter the harmonics in some way?....or are they there to compensate for the stock flexing (non bedded) so once stock is bedded there is no reason for them to stay.
Lastly wouldnt a hot barrel eventualy render them useless as heat over time will distort their shape and size?

21 Jun 2015
@ 08:59 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: T3 stock forend
Yes, its about stock flexing but I also believe there is also a degree of dampening. bear in mind that when bedding a T3, the barrel is not completely floated so there is still some dampening.

You would have to get the barrel pretty hot to melt away the pressure point ribs but yes, such things are possible.


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