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07 Jun 2012
@ 09:31 pm (GMT)

Trevor Wilkes

Hi Nathan.
Just getting back to you on those 130gr nosler loads,not a good day at all it blew its nuts off I was crook and didnt shoot well at all but had no pressure sighns on primers also measured for case head expansion and tested primer pockets all good but did notice strange dents in 2 cases about halfway up the case may have already been there.
Considering the day I had I didnt read much into the groupings but nothing over 0.0600 but loads 58.2gr-56gr where touching with two shots and a flyer as I said didnt shoot well nothing felt right.
The strange one is the 56.2gr first shot inch away from point of aim next shot on the money but where did the third one go it may have gone in second shot hole if it did it did it very neatly cant see the bullet straying to far as the target pad is a metre square buggered if I know ha ha.
I would be saying the sweet spot is between 55.8gr and 56.2 it started to open up on 56.4 and 56.6.


08 Jun 2012
@ 10:00 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 270win
Thanks Trevor. Will be interesting to see how the 150gr SST's go.

Pretty good if you can keep it under .6" on a bad day. The Tikka light weights do require a high level of shooter discipline let alone the effects of external factors (wind), I can well understand where you are coming from.
08 Jun 2012
@ 12:25 pm (GMT)

Trevor Wilkes

Re: 270win
Hi Nathan,
Just waiting on the 150sst to turn up had to order them.
Could you email me your bank details so I can do a donation when the misses gets back monday


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