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bedding a rimfire

11 Jun 2015
@ 09:15 am (GMT)

Ben Law

i'm thinking of bedding my marlin xt22 rimfire someday.

what is the best way to bed the floating dovetailed recoil lug on these?


11 Jun 2015
@ 10:35 pm (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: bedding a rimfire
hi Ben i would epoxy the recoil lug into its dovetail generously relive the front half of it and bottom and use alloy pillars if using wood or laminate stock.
Nathan may have a better plan but looking at the pics that should work
13 Jun 2015
@ 09:35 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: bedding a rimfire
Hi Ben, there are a few ways to skin this cat. recoil inertia is low, so you have a few options.

As long as the front and sides off the boss (dovetailed lug) are tape relieved, the boss will have some relief.

The bottom of the boss is a large surface area. On this rifle, you can leave the bottom of the boss bare- without tape relief.

Regarding the fit in the dovetail. Either epoxy the boss in place so it does not move at all- or if its already a bit loose, go the other way and grease it so that it self aligns as it is pulled into the job.

Hope that makes sense.
14 Jun 2015
@ 03:47 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: bedding a rimfire
that would be permanently epoxying the lug in place?


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