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28 Nosler

07 Jun 2015
@ 09:05 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

G'day all
I've just been reading about the new 28 Nosler . Wondering how it compares to Nathans 7mm practical.
I won't post any links, they're out there if you want to look.
I don't think the barrel would last a long time. You'd need one barrel for working up loads, then a hunting barrel :)


07 Jun 2015
@ 07:45 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 28 Nosler
hi bob.
i remember a discussion about nosler rounds before from memory it uses excessive freebore to generate the velocity they claim.
a lot of the modern cartridges seems like they trying to re invent the wheel. believe ruger dropped there 300 rcm cause of slow sales.
a nz guy does 7mm/375ruger builds its called 28 terminator cant remember the velocity figures thou.
think the practical would be the top of my wish list thou
08 Jun 2015
@ 09:18 am (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: 28 Nosler
Yeah another wiz bang barrel killer made to compensate for poor long range bullet design
14 Jun 2015
@ 02:13 am (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: 28 Nosler
The Davidson brothers at G7 make a 7-375 called the 7LRM. Hornady makes the proprietary case, which I think is more of an elongated neck. Not sure how it stacks up to the 7 Practical. They should be close in performance.


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