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Re: Skype group call

02 Jun 2015
@ 07:54 am (GMT)


Honestly.... yeah, nah.
The amount of info or detail you go into needs to be able to be re- viewed over a few times to sink in.
I would of thought this would make you even more busy. And often someone's question has been asked in a similar way before in a previous thread. And usually its dis- missed as it's not a concern to us at that very time.
people need to search old threads.

I guess you could do the videos from the lazy boy. But I would guess they would be much like the forum as very accurate answers to a certain question. Which only suits the member/readers when they come across that problem. So you would be doing a heap of videos to create a database that you would be repeating/continuing or adding to the forum in video form.(still really pleasing one person at a time)
So now you have two different places to continue. (I'm guessing ud want to keep the website going as well.)

I think people like the direct answer from the man himself. But obviously takes a lot of time. And cant always be expected. But Maybe go like other forums, a-point a moderator or trusted person or two to answer on your behalf. You could skim over to see if your happy with the answer. If so leave it be. And help on the more challenging questions. The moderator may contact you to help. But at least he/she is taking some load off.

The difference between this forum and others is. This is personal. All questions are directed to you. And your answer is waited on. Where as others everyone puts there ten cents in. And are not so trusted.
But here your the man and are trusted. But what a work load huh.
I can only imagine it would be hard letting someone take a rain on your behalf tho.

I don't know just an idea. Something for you to think about.

make a tv series out of it call it the apprentice, haha. Online test, answers to be submitted to you to see who wins a position on the team. 0 figure salary and no car!

(What a marathon reply to do on a phone!)


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