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Re: Maintenance Lubrication and Copper Questions

30 May 2015
@ 06:56 pm (GMT)

Timothy Good

I know this thread is a little long-in-the-tooth but I just ran across this test of a bunch of lubrication products that seemed relevant. Very interesting and seemingly comprehensive.

Mike, still sorry about your lost barrel--about any lost barrel--but it sounds that based on this study that you might have done worse a lot sooner than with FrogLube. But the heavier grease you are using now sounds like the best medicine for longer stints when the gun is unused.

Also, Nathan, regarding my comment that started this thread about 'missing something' on fouling in your books, did I ever! I guess I must have read something in one of the books and extrapolated. I just read the whole section on this in the Accurizing & Maintenance book and it is EXTENSiVE. You makes patently clear that even generalizing in this arena is difficult since each barrel must be treated as its own adventure and each barrel must be 'read' to get it right.

Finally, I have absolutely no connection to FrogLube other than hoping beyond hope that it might simplify maintenance. Still experimenting.


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