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Red Deer projectile for .243 Win

30 May 2015
@ 09:31 am (GMT)

Mark Telford

Having read the knowledge base about the .243 Win I am looking to load some appropriate rounds for my youngest son who has taken an interest in having a go for a deer (New Zealand Red) it would seem either a Hornady 95g SST or perhaps Nolser Partition 95 or 100g ?? and am I right in thinking aiming for the vitals at under 200m shots and shoulder shots for over that or is shoulder shot the best regardless of range ?
Any clarification would be much appreciated.


30 May 2015
@ 08:21 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Red Deer projectile for .243 Win
Hi Mark, go with the Partition for now and drive it as fast as the rifle will accurately allow.

Utilize shoulder shots whether in close or out long.

My comments in the KB are relative to the fact that you can 'get away with' behind the shoulder shots inside 200 yards where velocity is high but that once you reach out to and beyond 200 yards, speed of killing (or apparent speed of killing) can be immensely delayed if we do not aim for the forwards shoulder area. Best practice is is to get into the habit of shoulder shooting from the get go and forget about meat damage- especially with young folk.

Make sure the trigger is relatively light and crisp. Too many folk set their kids up wrong and cause flinching by thinking that a heavy trigger is safer. Guns (like cars) are dangerous- period.
31 May 2015
@ 02:04 am (GMT)

Mark Telford

Re: Red Deer projectile for .243 Win
Thanks very much Nathan I'll get some partitions and work them up ,trigger on the rifle is great, fully agree about the trigger part such a critical thing to achieve a good accurate shot as well I reckon . Thanks again for the info. this will really maximise the chance of a really satisfying outcome.


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