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Re: Nathan,Bore guide for cleaning rod ?

27 May 2015
@ 04:40 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Craig. Dan from Reloaders supplies gifted me a bore guide a while ago. I do use it- specifically to keep solvent out of chambers. The guide is not so helpful if lapping as I have written in book 3, but it really is useful from prevent runny solvents like Eliminator or KG-12 from running to the action and mag well. It saves a big clean up.

But as for preventing chamber damage- well, I have a tool specifically for this called my brain plus an additional tool called common sense. These were the same tools you used when you started this thread as in- yes, you are on the right track. People do get carried away with some things. If you use a brass jag and feed it into the chamber and bore carefully- no problemos.

I am not a great fan of 3 piece rods ali for 'armstrong' type cleaning operations but like brass, ali is far softer than bore steel so as long as you are taking care and keeping your rod clean (no grinding paste sounds as you push the rod down the bore) I see no issues. The ali 3 piece jobbies can be very handy in the field.


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