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29 May 2012
@ 10:14 pm (GMT)

Trevor Wilkes

Gday Nathen.
Just thought I would get back to you on my last post and see what you think.
Remington virgin brass,210 primers and 2209 powder and nosler 130gr ballistic tips.
Comparator measurement 2.849 on the lands ,bullet seated comp measurement 2.820 seated just to fit in magazine loads show are the best of what was shot today in 10 to 15 knot winds.
52.5gr -0.460
54.9gr -0.560
55.2gr -0.485
55.6gr -0.584
55.8gr -0.166 two shots third shot bench bump from other shooter blew it to 0.700 will try this load again.
56gr -0.408
no pressure sighns slightly flattened primers my thinking is new bass not fire formed just guessing on that one so do you think its worth going further with this.
I have noticed since using comparator my groupings are in clover shapes instead of vertical or horizontal Im guessing this is due to more consistant measurement or the fact that I have changed my shooting technique maybe the latter lol.Grabbing those 150 ssts this week let you know how I go with them.
Cheers oh doing your other donation thursday.


29 May 2012
@ 11:23 pm (GMT)

Trevor Wilkes

Re: 270win
Just correcting my post Nathen winds was 10 to 15 kph and my groupings are more triangle shape generaly they would be straight vertical or horizontal so now when I get tighter groups like my 90gr sierras in the 0.2s they are clover shaped not that its so much of a concern Im sure there are many variables to cause this as noted in another post vertical and horizontal strings as for my groups to me there plenty good enough for the distances 100y to 350y but just trying to improve things to aid the long range shooting to come soon I hope.
30 May 2012
@ 12:56 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 270win
Hi Trevor, sounds like things are going well.

Ok, take the case, size them and then reseat fresh primers. Check to see whether the primer pockets are still firm on the brass that had 55-56gr in the last test. By redoing the whole batch of brass, you will get a feel from the first cases as to what is normal resistance when seating a primer which will aid you when studying resistance of the former 55-56gr charged cases.

If all is well, retest the 55.8gr load, then continue on up to 56.5gr (or 56.6 if working in .2gr increments) to study where maximum is.

However, you may want to get into the 150 grain SST's. If the primer pockets are fine from your last test, start testing the 150 grain bullets at 53.5gr (or 53.4 if your prefer etc) working up to 54.5gr.

If the primer pockets are loose, start at 52.5gr and work up to 53.5 grains.

a Half inch with the 150gr SST will serve you very well out to a good 650 yards in the .270Win. Good optics will of course be the key once you start stretching things past 350 yards.
30 May 2012
@ 06:07 pm (GMT)

Trevor Wilkes

Re: 270win
Hi Nathen,
thanks for the reply I will carry on as you suggested and get into them 150s aswell on the weekend weather permitting.
The optics I have on my 270 is a 6500 2.5x16x42 had 4x12x40 on it before but thats now on the wifes rifle the bushnell was a uneducated purchase when Istarted out but in saying that it has served me well when popping of the little critters,ok then I get back to you at a later date.
Cheers again.


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