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sako carbonlight

10 May 2015
@ 06:41 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

just seen sako is bringing out a carbonlight rifle that weighs 2.4kg (tikka lite is 2.8kgs)
lucky its not in high recoil calibres (22-250,243,260,7-08 and 308) but do you think it would be just to light to shoot accurately, just seems bit to far to me. hate to think how quick barrel heats up

here's the link for anyone interested


10 May 2015
@ 09:55 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: sako carbonlight
Hi Thomas, seems over the top to me too.

There is also a new A7 model, more plastic in the design (mag, trigger guard, bolt shroud) and now with some ali rio in the plastic stock.

I can see all of this continuing to spiral downhill until the ego's involved get shifted and the entire rifle designs are reworked. Pride may prevent any major progress for the time being. The only thing keeping this together is gun writers sucking up, continually pushing the same bullshit speels to unknowing readers, comments that were OK 20 years ago, but have no bearing on reality anymore. You have to ask- is five minutes of fame in a gun magazine and a possible trip to Finland for a couple of days worth selling your soul for.
10 May 2015
@ 10:16 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: sako carbonlight
NOte- this one will have the L shaped lug, same as the early Tikka 595 and Later 1990's cost cut Sakos, Post AV, pre 75. But the action will be slotted for the standard 85 steel chop shop chassis. Essentially a mish mash. The lug slot in the action mates to nothing.

I have updated the bedding instructional page to reflect fixes for these latest models with L shaped floating ali lugs...for those who find themselves singing the Talking Heads lyrics- "my god, what have I done, how did I get here".
11 May 2015
@ 04:51 am (GMT)


Re: sako carbonlight
Yeah everyone is going light weight crazy with there rifles.
it's like they just can't get by with a standard weight. How in earth do they carry any meat out.... oh I know... that was when men where men. Now days they just take back steak and maybe the hind quarters. The rest is too heavy.
Iv seen gunsmiths mill off 100 grams from an action to save weight, Never mind the fact that that metal is some of the actions strength. When you could fairly easy save 100 grams by having a good crap before leaving home.
I'm guessing a lot of weight savings come about because many guys are suppressor crazy as well and want to off set the extra weight they add.

it's the new guy into the sport that I feel sorry for, the one who buys a light weight rifle in a large calibre. That could of been me, I'm glad I found this website.

11 May 2015
@ 05:48 am (GMT)

Andrew Dobbin

Re: sako carbonlight
Yeah, I fell for the hype. Lightweight
Sako 85 finnlight, suppressor attached
POI was shifting 2+ inches from cold to
Hot barrel. Looking for a reason why was
How I found this site and got in contact
With Nathan. Have now sorted out my
Old 96 Mauser, have bedded and sorted
A weatherby vanguard 300 WSM, and
Have just purchased a Winchester M 70
Extreme weather 270 that I plan to bed
Etc. All following Nathan's instructions.
The only piece of Nathan's advice I haven't
Followed was to get rid of the Sako , I
guess I'm just to emotionally attached ,
As this was a rifle I had dreamed of owning
After all the hype and salesmanship that
went with it.
I fully agree that people now days need to
take a concrete tablet and use rifles with
Decent weight barrels. 300- 500 grams is
Bugger all in the grand sceme of things
Thanks Nathan, for all the help, awesome
books, and setting me on the extreme
accuracy path of doom
11 May 2015
@ 06:27 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: sako carbonlight
When you could fairly easy save 100 grams by having a good crap before leaving home.
I love that quote!!

Fella asked me a few weeks ago to set him up a "Mountain rifle" with a pencil barrel in 300wm for extended range. What a waste of bloody time, but he wouldn't have it, the shop and media hype says blah blah blah, told him to bugger off and try to shoot one, then come back when he wants to get real, wankers.
11 May 2015
@ 08:59 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: sako carbonlight
Thank you Andrew, much appreciated- that was a nice motivational read, keeps Steph and I going.

Getting a good chuckle out of this thread.

12 May 2015
@ 06:31 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: sako carbonlight
after carrying my 303 on mission of an over nighter for my stag do i decided i had to get one of these new light stainless synthetic rifles.
we laughed at one of my mates on that trip for having a penguin walk on the way out, turns out he got scarring from his chafeing ha ha.

i done a lot of research on calibres (think it was your research that really helped me here Nathan and was how i found this great site) and rifles but i was after the lightest rifle i could get as 80 percent of my hunting is pig hunting with a heafty 1.6kg rossi 410 as back up so most rifles seemed bit heavier

after a lot research i walked into reloaders one sat morning and ask for a tikka t3 lite in 270win. Dan was the man behind the counter and he asked me if i was sure i wanted that size calibre in such a light rifle. it wasn't until after i read Nathan's book and saw Dan's name on here that it all made sense why he had asked. just proves he was trying to look after his customers not just make a sale.

i have no regrets about buying my tikka (or buying a limbsaver for it at the same time) as it shoots great was very easy to learn how to reload for, but im bloody glad i didn't go a higher recoiling calibre, i shutter at the thought of any of the magnums in one.

its going to be very interesting to see how sako advertise the carbonlight rifle specially considering the price.
we all know rifle makers marketing teams have some imagination look at savages 4 lugs of steel or ruger american's full size bolt which are just cutting down on machine cost, im sure these marketers would tell you a reliant robin is great as it save 25% of tire cost annually.

sorry for the long post guys. hope you, your family and local community are all well Nathan heard there was small tornado down your way

12 May 2015
@ 03:22 pm (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: sako carbonlight
Guys, very cool thread!

Andrew, thank you for sharing, it resonates a lot with me. I too bought a Sako 85 Finnlight in 300 WSM that takes me back to high school fistfights whenever I shoot it, but sure damn wanted it and paid a lot for it!! I'll put it on the block for sale as soon as the new 300 comes in, mind you, at 8.5lbs unscoped and with a straight recoiling stock.

Funny thing is, I've never seen an old-timer carrying ANY light rifle that was not a .22

12 May 2015
@ 08:55 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: sako carbonlight
Hi Thomas, yes the tornado ripped through but missed us, hit the service station in the village and ripped the forecourt roof off, hit the fish and chip shop, picked up the roof then dumped it down in place again. The city got hit as well.

I don't know how our old farm house survives. It is around or just over 100 years old now (and looks it). I don't think there is a straight line in it. It gets bloody cold, no insulation in the walls, I have been steadily working on the ceilings, save a bit, insulate a bit. Keeps the mice warm anyway. You know what these old houses were like. But its still holding together somehow.

The girls are well thanks. I put a salute to Steph in the blog section of the site on Sunday.

Riley told me this morning that one day she wants to manufacture radioactive food so that everyone can have super powers. Riley's world where mutant powers rule. Microwave anyone? Gotta love it.
12 May 2015
@ 11:15 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: sako carbonlight
Its hard to find a good shop with service like that Thomas, stick with em hey!

One thing l will say Thomas is it's easy to settle down a non-magnum T3 Tikka. After a lot of research l also purchased a Tikka T3 synthetic but in 308W for junior to use as his first CF deer stalking & hound hunting gun. I can feel my ears burning “how could you do that to the kid!”.

With my past experiences and using the info in Nathan’s books, we had a plan laid out to deal with our lively new weather proof toy before l even picked it up. I also fitted the Limbsaver to absorb the recoil then with TBR kits l stabilized the fore stock and 2 point bedded the action. Foam filled the butt stock to take away that hollow crappy sound they make when it hits a sapling or stick, fitted some removable lead shot (at first).
Loaded some reduced rounds for my son to shoot over the sand bags to build his technique & confidence then away he went hunting deer with a well balanced tack driver. It’s still on what l would call the lighter side but carries easily and it’s shoots bloody well with very basic load development.

If it was say a 06 l would have put some shot into the fore stock compound to increase the weight up front but l chickened out on my 9.3 and used a laminate bedded stock.
13 May 2015
@ 06:43 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: sako carbonlight
hi martin.
its hard to find service like that alright martin and its my favourite place to visit but i find its like weight watchers for my wallet every time i come back out my wallets that little bit lighter.

sounds like you have well and truely mastered these tikka's.
i have thought about putting the TBR stabilizer in the forend to add a little weight but not sure just yet.
cant wait for Nathans new book to really get the best of my shooting.

i have heard of people putting emergency blankets and water proof matches/rubber tube in there butt stock before they foam them, i see the idea behind it but it still seems odd to me.

this is my nephew with his very first goat he was over the moon, he shot it with my 270 and carried the head 1.5hr out. and yes i wish he would shave the bieber do off his head haha

i ended up picking a cheap lithgow 303 , to teach him how to hunt with and for him to work on under my supervision, when he gets his gun licence in few years it'll be his to own.

just a question martin whats hound hunting?
13 May 2015
@ 07:52 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: sako carbonlight
My son has almost the same do! Great to see the kids putting in the effort and getting the rewards hey.

Most of my tricks and Ideas come from Nathan via one form or another Thomas and as you can probably tell l am very grateful for his & Steph’s ongoing support!

We scent trail Sambar deer with Beagles, Blood Hounds or Harriers, they can bail the deer in a river, wallow or thick scrub but generally ours just follow a fair way behind them making a heap of noise. The trick is to get in front of the deer and pick its path through the bush. So generally very fast shooting with limited opportunities for a shot. Not for everyone but it comes with its own challenges.
14 May 2015
@ 06:20 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: sako carbonlight
i didn't realize it was that bad Nathan, don't think it even made the news, i guess that what happens whens its not a politician pulling some hair or anything to do with auckland's traffic or house prices.

doing insulation is a horrible job feel sorry for you, you might also want to check under your house as you might have issue with rising dampness.

he's a great hunting companion with endless energy.
sound bloody fun and fasted paced martin and similar to pig hunting in away. is it done from a vehicle or on foot?
have been around few dogs that chase the odd dear and they cover ground quickly.

i am also very grateful for what Nathan & steph have done, it still amazes me the sacrifices they have made to help people out.

sorry to anyone reading this as its gone off topic but as hunters sure you know how a quick yarn can turn into an hour or so conversation
14 May 2015
@ 01:52 pm (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: sako carbonlight
Good Morning All - you've given me a minute to climb on one of my soap boxes and I'm lacking the restraint not to at the moment.

I currently live in Arkansas, which is a state I have developed a true fondness for. But as we all know, every place and every subculture has its warts and the shooting and hunting realm are not immune to them.

Allow me to depict a typical stroll past the gun counter of one of our typical sporting goods stores in the region.

Store "gun expert:" What can I help you with today, Sir?
Me: Well I am just picking up some cleaning supplies and thought I'd peek at what you've got on the gun rack today.
Expert: You a deer hunter?
Me: I am.
Expert: Well we just got a shipment of the new Rugavagemingtonchester rifles. This one is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum so your out of the box range is about 1200 yards. It only weights 3.1 lbs. so if you have to walk any more than 20 yards from your 4 wheeler to your tree stand you might not have to break a sweat.
Me: Really. Wow. You broke a little sweat there just picking that up and handing it to me. It really is light...
Expert: That Lapua Magnum is guaranteed to drop a deer where it stands too, Sir, so you ain't gotta worry about any tracking.
Me: Guaranteed, huh? What bullets do you have to use to get that guarantee?
Expert: (Rests hands on beer gut that the hood of a VW Beetle might not cover) Man, it don't matter. That big Magnum carries so much energy that any bullet that hits a deer anywhere above the hooves will drop it deader than a door nail on the spot.
Me: Boy, sounds too good to be true.
Expert: Field & Stream profiled that rifle last month and it's now their Number 1 deer rifle of all time.
Me: You don't say... What's recoil like with this rifle?
Expert: Not bad, not bad at all. Check out that recoil pad on the butt of the gun. Rugavagemingtonchester designed that specially for this rifle out of space age polymers. Soaks up 92% of the recoil. This gun shoots like your .223.
Me: I don't own a .223, but okay. Hey, what's the story with this used .30-06 over here?
Expert: Well, a guy traded that in yesterday for the new Rugavagemingtonchester. He said he bought it two years ago. Said it shot pretty good at the range but he always sees deer over 500 yards from his box stand and that old "06 cartridge just doesn't have the reach. Said he has to walk almost a quarter mile to his stand and that rifle weighed over 8 lbs. with a scope and that was wearing him out by the time he'd get to the stand. He's set to go now though.
Me: Yeah I guess he must be. Well thanks for your time.
Expert: You get ready to step up to the best deer rifle of all time you come on back and see me, Sir. I might could get you a little discount if you ask for me.
Me: You do understand you are the poster boy for why some people in our country don't believe the needs of hunters are a legitimate reason to curb gun control agendas, right?
Expert: Huh?
Me: Nothing. Have a good day. (Mayfield exits store shaking head and trying not to cuss, cry, and scream at the same time)

Thank you for the opportunity to vent, gentlemen. Good hunting.
14 May 2015
@ 08:16 pm (GMT)

Barry Shone

Re: sako carbonlight
You have a gift Joshua! Thanks for the laugh at reality.

14 May 2015
@ 09:24 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: sako carbonlight
Should have told the fella, If only it was semi auto!!

Thanks for the laugh Joshua, good read.

We hound hunt on foot Thomas, unless they get past (which is often) then it can be a 1/2 hour or more 4wd trip too try leapfrog them with guys following up by foot.
15 May 2015
@ 04:31 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: sako carbonlight
Bang on Joshua. That pretty much highlights much of what has driven me as far as the site and book series goes. Well said, you really nailed it.

Hard to find a good gun store these days but there are a few good folk around around as Thomas mentioned.

Thomas- Looks like we got off lightly compared to other areas as you will now be aware. Looking out the window here, I can't believe the rain, it's like we are behind a waterfall looking out.
15 May 2015
@ 09:08 am (GMT)

Andrew Dobbin

Re: sako carbonlight
Just a quick update as I have just got back from my first hunting trip with the rifles I mentioned above.( we missed most of the bad weather) Very happy with the performance of all of these. Managed to get 4 fallow, 2 with the Sako, 1 with the WSM and one with the 270. Longest shot was 214 yards so not exactly long range , with the WSM , but I was pretty stoked with it. It just dropped on the spot, shot placement just in front of shoulder/ rear of neck.
Thanks once again Nathan for your wonderful tutelage
15 May 2015
@ 10:47 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: sako carbonlight
Another odd thing happening is rifles are getting lighter but scopes are getting bigger size, 34mm and much much heavier.

Go figure
15 May 2015
@ 10:54 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: sako carbonlight
PS. Mil/Mil and FFP are De Rigueur as well.
18 May 2015
@ 01:37 am (GMT)

Jared Thibodaux

Re: sako carbonlight
Light guns getting a bad rap here, I own four rifles under 6.5lbs and I love them, but none of them are exceptionally hard kicking cartridges (6.5x55, 7mm-08, 270 WSM, and 30-06) Don't think I would want one in 300 Win Mag though, my shoulder has limits. Despite being very light my Tikka T3 6.5x55 is the most accurate rifle I own it will shoot honest to God one hole groups at 100yds using RL19 and 129gr SSTs, I have a hard time imagining a custom benchrest gun being any more accurate.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.