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Nathan I have a few rifle cleaning questions

03 May 2015
@ 06:37 am (GMT)

Craig Henard

Hi Nathan

A few rifle cleaning questions
I have always used cheapie 3 piece cleaning rods made of aluminum that I got from Wal-Mart(Outers brand)and 2x2 bulk patches .
Will The use of a 3 piece Cheapo aluminum rod hurt the bore of a rifle ??
IF so what one piece rod would you recommend?
Dewey,Tipton Pro shot etc?

Also what material?
I have read pros and cons for the
Uncoated Steel rods- dont damage bore because they dont pick up grit and carry into bore
Uncoated Steel rods- can damage bore becase there is steel on steel contact

Coated steel rods-great for cleaning because they prevent steel on steel contact
Coated steel rods-bad for bore because the coating can become embedded with grit and carry into the bore and coating can peel off of rod

Carbon Fiber rods- good because they are straight and flexible and wont harm the bore
Carbon Fiber rods-Bad because carbon fiber is Very hard and abrasive and they are prone to break

I have read all of this mess on the internet but just dont know!

I know you have a lot of experience cleaning rifles
What is your thoughts on cleaning rods?

Also I Have read in one of the books I bought from you that you use and recommend 4x2 Patches but At the stores I buy from they have Precut 2x2 Cotton Patches .
Will the 2x2 suffice?

I Have decided to use Hoppes #9 solvent and patches to clean my rifle
Tikka T3 Superlight 270 Winchester as it has a nice bore and does not copper foul much if at all (I have been shooting just 3 to six shots)and then have no problem running a couple of saturated patches through the bore and waiting 3 or 4 hours and dry patching it with about 8 Dry patches(front and back.
From a clean bore it will shoot 3 into .75 Inch at a hundred yards.
Seeing how this rifle will be used for whitetail Deer at 300 yards and less I think I will Just shoot from a clean,Lightly oiled bore.

I experimented with the Montana Extreme Bore conditioner oil I had asked you about ,I pushed two Patches saturated with it through the bore ,after the the above cleaning process.
Then Pushed one dry patch front and back through the bore to get rid of any excess oil.
There was still a trace of the oil left in the bore(I could still smell it with my nose to the end of the Muzzle)

Then I shot the rifle and there was no change of impact at all that I could tell.
I think this very very light oil is going to work for me as a shoot over lube and bore protection in humid conditions !!
Just thought I would let you know about my experience so far with this product.

Thanks Nathan


03 May 2015
@ 12:32 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Nathan I have a few rifle cleaning questions
I think at one time we have all used aluminum rods. Aluminum does pick up stuff but most of us wipe a rod down after it goes through the bore. I think the real reason aluminum shouldn't be used is, aluminum creates an oxide coating when left to the elements. Ever heard of Aluminum Oxide? Very abrasive (think sand paper). I have been using a carbon fiber rod for 15 years and haven't broken it yet. I use one for a 17 caliber too. Out of curiosity, I took a carbon fiber rod and ran it along a piece of buffed steel to see it it scratched it. My Tipton carbon rod did not scratch the steel. Not very scientific but I was curious. The only coated rod I ever used was years ago. When I found pieces of the coating on my swabs, I chucked it. I began using a bore guide years ago along with the carbon fiber rods and haven't looked back.

I'm sure someone with a bore scope can chime in here to verify that people can do damage with improper cleaning techniques. [b]
03 May 2015
@ 10:07 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Nathan I have a few rifle cleaning questions
Hi Craig, the easiest way for me to find out about breakages was to contact one of NZ's premier retailers and ask if they had any customer breakages. The answer was no. Good to hear. I think you would have to be pretty harsh to break a well made carbon fiber rod like Tipton.

I do suggest you try Tipton carbon fiber if the opportunity arises.

2x2 patches should be OK.

Thanks for the report on the Montana Extreme product. Sounds like you have a good system now.
04 May 2015
@ 01:33 am (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: Nathan I have a few rifle cleaning questions
Hi Nathan,Thanks for asking about the breakage issue


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