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7mm-08 Twist rate

21 Apr 2015
@ 10:16 pm (GMT)

Wayne Woodard

I see the vanguard/howa twist rate is 1:9.5, what's the chances of the 162gr amax working well with this.
I have been planning on building one on a howa action I have, but their is quite a good deal going on the vanguard s2 at the moment and I thought I might try my luck with a factory barrel initially.


22 Apr 2015
@ 05:22 am (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: 7mm-08 Twist rate
Should work my sako 7mm mag had same twist and it worked with 162amax and 168vld
22 Apr 2015
@ 11:26 am (GMT)


Re: 7mm-08 Twist rate
May have a similar twist to 7mmREM, but won't lower velocity reduce rpm of rotation thereby reducing stability? I can't say yes or no. I'd email Hornady myself. lots of luck
22 Apr 2015
@ 08:16 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7mm-08 Twist rate
Hi Wayne, I have been fortunate enough to have had good results with the 162gr in 1:9.5 7mm-08 rifles. But as deerndingo points out, RPM is a key factor. The 9.5 can be better at magnum velocities.

And the end of the day, theory means nothing. You will need to test the rifle and see what the bore likes after completing accurizing tasks.
23 Apr 2015
@ 12:22 am (GMT)

Wayne Woodard

Re: 7mm-08 Twist rate
Thanks fellas. Looks like I gotta put it on hold for awhile now anyway.
23 Apr 2015
@ 04:41 am (GMT)

Gabe Roberts

Re: 7mm-08 Twist rate
I have a 7RM in a Vanguard S2 with the same twist rate, I've used 168 accubonds LRs in that rifle and the rifle shot fine at low charge to max charge.

I've also shot barnes 168 LRX out of it to see what would happen, surprisingly it shot better at low velocity and started to become unstable as I increase the velocity, as the velocities increased it started to key hole, the projectiles were almost flying through the target sideways, but still got 1" moa @ 100 yards! So I reduced the charge and they started to fly straight again. Sometimes you just need to try it out and see what happens.

my elevation here is 4500', maybe that is the reason some of the projectiles worked okay. I might have a different result at sea level. I think you will be okay using the A-MAX projectiles.
23 Apr 2015
@ 06:47 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 7mm-08 Twist rate
hi wayne
sounds like its going to be interesting to hear your feed back if you go this route.

as for stabilizing Nathan has mention velocity helps to stabilize.
you guys must remember the spinning tops with the pull strings (powerrade bottle tops for some of us that had to many hungry brothers and sisters)
i think of this as how bullet stabilize.
if you have same length pull string but pull it slow the spinning top will be less stable,
in a shorter time it will sway off centre.
but then if you have same length pull string and pull it fast your spinning top will be more stable for longer.
the only thing that has changed is the rpm not the weight of the spinning top.
not sure if that helps anyone and i'm sure most other people can explain it better,

Gabe you might find the barnes being made of lighter material might be longer for the same weight
05 May 2015
@ 06:39 pm (GMT)

Jared Thibodaux

Re: 7mm-08 Twist rate
My 7mm-08 is a Browning with a 1:9.5 and I shoots 160gr SGKs very well over H380. You should not have any issues with the twist BUT remember that every barrel is different, I have a 308 that shoots 1/2" groups all day with 150s and 180s but shoots a shotgun pattern with every 165-168 I ever tried, so don't buy a rifle for one specific bullet.


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