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What do you think Nathan ? Which one ?

05 Apr 2015
@ 07:45 am (GMT)

Craig Henard

Hi Nathan
Been giving a lot of thought to this
Reading and rereading the books I bought from you.

Concerning bore cleaning and maintenance.

Grease for long term storage, no doubt.

For general Bore maintenance and Hunting either

#1 -Hoppes #9 to clean Powder fouling out and then Dry Patching and
then a patch very lightly oiled with thin oil through the bore for a shoot over lube and for rust prevention.

#2 Ballistol to clean powder fouling out and then dry patching and then running a patch lightly oiled in Ballistol through the bore for a shoot over Lube and for rust prevention.

I really like the idea of the Ballistol as it sounds safer to use IF it will do the job .
I realize I may not need to use a shootover lube(with the stainless) and to protect the bore BUT I would rather have a little more protection than I need, than not quite enough!. Sleep better at night that way !

I have a Tikka T3 Superlight 270 Winchester Stainless that seems like it has a nicely finished smooth barrel.
Little to no copper fouling

I have a Remington 700 Longrange Stainless 7mm Mag that the barrel is ok and shoots fine with Federal blue box clean(shoots a little better when fouled)
Little to no copper fouling

I have an old Mauser 98.Cigarette or guild rifle, Blued of course,large ring, small shank barrel ,8x57 JS,double set triggers, that shoots great clean or fouled,
Little to no copper fouling.

Seeing as none of my rifles exhibit Much copper fouling and I only shoot 10 to 15 rounds at a ,sitting then cleaning, I believe one of the two methods I mentioned above to clean the Powder fouling out and to prevent rust will be fine for my circumstances

IF I can I would like to standardize my cleaning, Lubing ,shooting with all the rifles if I can.

So what sounds good to you Nathan ?

Method #1
Method #2

And as always
Thanks for your oppinion and input


05 Apr 2015
@ 07:45 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: What do you think Nathan ? Which one ?
Hi Craig, you can use method two for the stainless rifles if you like. Dry patch just before you go into the field as the Ballistol will still lift some gunk. If you dry patch only lightly, it will leave a very small amount of Ballistol behind which is OK.

You cannot use a standard system for all three. The Mauser needs to be treated with great care, these rifles are no longer being made of course. The Mauser needs to be treated as a precious item. Follow the book instructions and use a heavy rust preventative between shoots.
05 Apr 2015
@ 11:06 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: What do you think Nathan ? Which one ?
Hi Nathan,
I think i will use Method #2 for the stainless rifles then.

Yea I really like the old Mauser and will still hunt with it on the occasional great weather days. I am reloading for this one.
H-4895 47 grains ,Sierra 150 grain Bullet.Estimated 2750 FPS or so(I dont own a chrono) Inch and a quarter for 3 shots off the bench at a Hundred.Kills just fine .Prvi Factory 196 grain softs shoot 3 into .75 at a hundred but the low velocity doesn,t kill fast unless bone is hit.Penetrates like a freight train though !

After I eat supper I am going to grease the bore of the Mauser for storage .
When I get ready to shoot the rifle I suppose I can just use the Ballistol to clean the grease out then use the Ballistol as a light shoot over Lube to protect the bore when in the field on fair weather Days ?
Then go back to grease for storage.

Nathan your books are great. I find myself going back and rereading them all the time. So much so that the Pages are becoming dog eared !

And having this Forum to ask you questions when I dont quite "get it " is great as well.
For me and others as well.




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