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copper fouling on one lands only?

05 Apr 2015
@ 03:14 am (GMT)

Ben Grady

Hi Guys

I have just given my new barrel a good scrub. Before I started, I noticed copper fouling in a single line running down the muzzle. I guess following a lands? What may be causing this? The bore had been lapped by the barrel maker, but not the chamber when reamed to 25-06 by my gunsmith. Could a sharp edge from the reamer be causing this? If so do I bore lap it with a maroon poly pad? Any other Ideas and remedies?

cheers Ben


05 Apr 2015
@ 04:22 am (GMT)

G Dog

Re: copper fouling on one lands only?
Hi Ben,

I think you have answered your own question - it would be the reamer. One of my rifles has the same problem, but its a factory barrel not a custom. Being a custom I would talk to the manufacturer and see if you can work out a solution, but you may have a warranty issue now since your gunsmith has played with it?

I wouldn't bother myself trying to lap it with scotch bright myself.

With my rifle I found it didn't affect accuracy - but I never fully cleaned the copper out as it is a "void" that needs to be filled and I'd rather it be filled rather than having to fire a fouking shot if you understand what im saying.

05 Apr 2015
@ 04:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: copper fouling on one lands only?
Just check to see how accurate the rifle is before getting too carried away. Work up loads properly etc. Again, 3254fps with a 117gr bullet is not normal. This whole situation bothers me a good deal.

But yes, it can come from chamber reaming or a minor burr on a land. If you want to, you could run autosol on a patch. The accurizing and maintenance book has more details on this.

The next post I want to hear from you is the one where you tell us that you backed off loads, then worked up to around 3000fps or so.


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