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HBC and 303

31 Mar 2015
@ 02:02 pm (GMT)

Ronald Le May

Been a while since I was last here but just some info for you across the pond is that HBC are looking towards making a MK VII 174gn pill.
Since Highland decided to call it quits and Sierra have had a good old time with the market as it cost me $600AU/1000 pills the other day.
This is good news for us who shoot the tomato stakes as from info I have gleaned from another site they are going to make them as close to the MK VII as possible.

It will not have the all the features that the WWI-II pills had but will be very close.
The reason the 303 pill had such a good stopping power is the CG of the original round was well aft causing it to tip on entry thus causing allot more havoc.
Anyway that's the news keep your ears open as I have not heard of a release date.
Finally thank you to Nathan and family for the host and coaching of myself and family last year it has ignited the bug again.
Try as I may Nathan my wife's Moo gun is just about unbeatable a testament to Barnard actions and Kreiger barrel combo.


01 Apr 2015
@ 02:54 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: HBC and 303
Thanks Ron.

The old Mk.7 ammo was a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it would tumble if it hit bone but generally, it would not destabilize immediately. Hence why we all used to file the tips off and HP.


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