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Butch's Bore Shine

26 Mar 2015
@ 07:44 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Hi Guys.
No one locally had an Boretech Eliminator in stock, so I grabbed Butch's Bore Shine. I've never used it before but it sure stinks of ammonia. Have any of you used it before? Is it any good as a solvent for copper fowling?
It does say don't leave over 15 minutes in the barrel, so I guess it must be quite strong.

cheer Ben


26 Mar 2015
@ 08:49 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Butch's Bore Shine
Hi Ben
I've been using Bore Shine & Sweets 7.62 for years (Sweets is stronger). Works well, When you stop getting blue on your patch, give it a scrub with a bronze brush then start again.
I've found with it and most solvents the fouling seems to get glazed??? and the solvent stops working. Score the fouling with the brush between cleans gets it going again.

Angle the barrel to get the sun to shine down the bore, sometimes what you think is a clean bore will show copper fouling.

27 Mar 2015
@ 01:09 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Butch's Bore Shine
Yeah same here.
l use them together, Butchers then Sweets and so on. l tend to think of the Butchers as more of a carbon remover.
But if the barrels not to bad l use the butchers by itself and finish with it then a light oil.
27 Mar 2015
@ 05:27 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Butch's Bore Shine
Just a reminder that some rifles such as my Rem 700P LTR don't like me if I take out all the copper too often. Learned the hard way to get it shooting again if I get too busy with copper cleaning, often some 40 rounds have to go through it.

I tend now to run some Slip 2000 Carbon Killer or similar on patches then brush and continue until the patches come out white or grey at least to get rid of the carbon, I then run several tight dry patches through and then I polish the chamber.

I will then shove a wet patch of a copper remover like Barnes C10 followed by a 5 minute wait then a soaked bronze brush then two or three dry patches. If accuracy has dropped off I would continue to remove all or most copper but if accuracy is still up to par then this next step is important.

After all that abuse it needs to be lubed again so I then use a wet patch of SLIP 2000 EWL down the bore and leave it level over night, and in the morning I will push a couple dry patches through it and consider it good to go.
27 Mar 2015
@ 05:39 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Butch's Bore Shine
I should add that I have also used the M-Pro7 products and was pleased with them.

With these, I use their Bore Gel, Gun OilLPX, Gun Cleaner Spray and Copper Remover. Most of the time this is for my 7mm Rem Mag as well as a 7x57 Remington while off in the bush for awhile, and is used with a Viper brand Bore Snake and just the Gun Oil LPX.

If I pack the cleaning rods and all then I would tend to follow the M-Pro7 online cleaning manual. Seems to work well.
28 Mar 2015
@ 05:14 pm (GMT)

Thomas Pavelka

Re: Butch's Bore Shine
I'm with Bob on the Sweets 7.62. Followed by either Hoppes or Bore shine. Then dry out the barrel well with patches. Lastly,run a wet patch of Brake Free in the bore to prevent any rust from sneaking in.


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