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Re: Tikka T3 build/bedding

17 Mar 2015
@ 09:50 am (GMT)

Jarrod Knight

Thanks Nathan, Martin and all the other contributors to this thread, it is an absolute gold mine of information. I have two T3 supervarmints 243Win and 223Rem, it appears I have overtightened the king screws on the 243 and damaged the synthetic stock so I bought two Boyds laminate thumbhole stocks to put on the two rifles. While trolling around the net for bedding information several people on different sites were speaking well of Nathan and his products so I looked up his site and ordered two bedding compound kits, then found his instructional videos and then this thread. With this wealth of information I am confident I can come up with a reasonable result.
I have two questions I hope someone can answer for me, in Nathans online instructions “Bedding a rifle with match grade bedding compound” he suggests bedding out to the balance point of a heavy barrel rifle (with bolt in and scope in place). In my case this would take the bedding out 10cm past the recoil lug approximately where the gold ring is on the scope in the photo, this seems a long way out, any thoughts?
My other question is regarding the way the boyds stock steps up just in front of the ejection port. I noticed you guys did not raise the lower level up to the height of the upper level with plastercine so I assume the compound is viscous enough to raise up to the top of the lower level but not drain back out towards the lower level. I probably worded that poorly, if you don’t understand what I mean I will have another attempt later.


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