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Re: Best .308w Bullet for short range

12 Mar 2015
@ 06:58 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Rui, my apologies for neglecting this thread.

You say that Hornady is the easiest to get hold of. A certain degree of speed would help trauma but some weight is also needed for poor shots. So I think something around 165gr would be ideal unless the boar are over 90kg- then it can pay to step up to a 180gr bullet for blood trailing or use a tougher bullet.

Here are some basic options:
165gr SST
170gr Flat nose .30-30 for under 100m

Heavier basic options:
180gr SST
180gr round nose.

180gr Norma Vulcan if available (optimal).

There are many ways you could go about this including a 150gr Interbond rather than a 165gr SST, tougher but lighter.

Please check your gun store, then report back as to what is available.

Often, the easiest place to start is in the middle. The 165gr SST for example, renders the widest possible wound on pigs. From there, we can monitor penetration on your local game specied. If this proves insufficient, then we know that you need to move to a deeper penetrating projectile. This may result in a small sacrifice in width of wounding but may help with b blood trailing. But- you need a starting point. If you give me a list, I will select one and from there you can monitor results- if you want to go this way.


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