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fitting bell & carlson medalist stock to howa 1500

10 Mar 2015
@ 03:50 am (GMT)


Hi guys i have just brought a new howa 1500 in 6.5x55. After a few outings i decided that i really disslike the hoge stock.
my other rifle has a bell & carlson medalist stock which i love so i have just brought one for the howa in weatherby MK5 style.
after fitting the bell & carlson stock i noticed that it has two pressure points at the front of the stock which puts quite a lot of force on the barrel.
dose any one know if i should remove them and free float the barrel or should i leave them in? if i do remove them will i need to bed the action?
any help would be much appreciated
thanks jamie


10 Mar 2015
@ 05:46 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: fitting bell & carlson medalist stock to howa 1500
Hi Jamie, B&C would have you leave the rifle as is. I prefer to free float and bed these rifles. The book series goes into full details regarding the whys and hows and full info is given for accurizing Howa rifles from start to finish in a DIY setting.

You can test the rifle and check how it shoots, but do not expect it to maintain its POI when warm. It will perform best on a cold barrel with its current system.

If you free float but do not bed, the rifle may not shoot so well as the fit is not 100%- hence why B&C use pressure point bedding.
10 Mar 2015
@ 06:52 am (GMT)

jamie allen

Re: fitting bell & carlson medalist stock to howa 1500
Thanks Nathan, your info is much appreciated, just out of interest what costs would be involved in getting you to bed the rifle? also how long would you take to do it? i have had a gun smith (Allen Carr) do the trigger, shorten the barrel to 20 inch and fit a suppressor. with the hoge stock after trying about 10 different loads i struggled to keep the groups under an inch witch really bugs me when my 6.5-284 shoots 1/2 inch with most loads.
10 Mar 2015
@ 09:21 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: fitting bell & carlson medalist stock to howa 1500
I am fully booked for some time Jamie. Also, I am committed to finishing the book series, the needs of the many so to speak. Plus, the KB needs completing and recent forum discussions show just how important it is that I get this finished. As it is, I am working 7 days per week to try and help folk.

There is is enough info the Accurizing and reloading book to take this job through to its conclusion. The bedding kits are straight forwards and with plenty of info. So if you want to, you can do this work yourself.


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