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Standard V`s magnum primers

10 Mar 2015
@ 03:22 am (GMT)

Mal Birrell

Nathan,you once mentioned somewhere about your trick of using magnum primers to speed up the burn rate of a powder.I was hoping to read about it in your reloading book but i didn`t find anything about it...
Could you give us some examples maybe please ? I use ADI powders...


10 Mar 2015
@ 05:49 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Standard V`s magnum primers
Well, in another thread, Rui wants to shoot the GS custom bullet. Normally you need to step down a burn rate from what you might traditonally use (powder) but he could try a magnum primer. I suggested he use 125gr bullet data as an easy option based on his local load data.

Its all very straight fowards- just basic experimentation. More relevant to ES and harmonic nodes (accuracy) than velocity generation.


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