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"HornaDaddy's" GMX

08 Mar 2015
@ 03:18 pm (GMT)

Thomas Pavelka

Monolithic bullets from Hornady! Man these puppies look like they just about have it all.

Aside from taking out cinder block walls and shooting Rhinos the long ways I would think these bullets would be bone busters extraordinaire at close range.

Have any of you guys dusted critters with these lovely projectiles, and if so, what were the results.


09 Mar 2015
@ 04:36 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
hi thomas
i have never used Monolithic bullets and hope not its seems very similar to barnes bullets.
in Nathan books he talks bout needing high velocity for these kind of bullets to really work well. which explains why most of them are light for calibre.
i know a guy that swears by the barnes triple shock but he's pushing a 110grain bullet at over 3100fps in a 270win and doesnt shoot over 300m.
i think its a case of if you have to use them then your got no choice but you would most likely be better of with sst's
09 Mar 2015
@ 05:19 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
so far the 50 grn barnes TTSX in my .223 have impressed me no end. 6" into end grain of bluegum forming perfect wee propeller shaped stars and keeping intact.
60ish lb sow in spotlight hit a bit further back than desirable at 150ish yards went down and stayed down. red yearling hind really opened my eyes .shot went through shoulder/chest and damage was OPPOSITE to what I normally get with the .270....inhole fine first shoulder big damage and bruising lungs had 1"ish holes off side shoulder small hole exit hole small..she took 10 steps maximum and half of those were backwards again 150ish yards.
our teenage son shot his second deer with same load..bang flop that was red spiker.
my PERSONAL take on them...good at closer range or high speed. lighter weight allows recoil to be kept down
high weight retention=great penetration
high speed= great expansion/energy transfer
stuff all meat damage and no lead fragments (I eat up to bullet hole )
Ive directed others to research done by a chap in the states on these.lots and lots of shots down range into testing box
I was looking to go that way in .270 but are swayed by "you know who" talking so highly about partitions so are still using cup n core in the big cannon.
09 Mar 2015
@ 09:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
Hi Thomas, yes velocity is the key factor here. When velocity is high, all is well, then performance steadily tapers off as per the youtube vid I put up regarding the TTSX design.

I have not been able to discern any meaningful difference between the various copper bullet designs although there is improvement between the TSX and newer TTSX bullets thaks to a wider hollow point. But beyond minor aspects, homogenous bullets are very generic from amnufacturer to manufacturer and whether they retain or shed petals. The figure of 2200fps as an impact velocity keeps repeating during my testing. We see a gradual wane in perfomance at 2400fps but without major problems, just a slight delay in killing with some shots. Performance then drops right off below 2200fps. This just seems to be the way across the board.

I am still paying around with altering the Barnes but so far to no avail. Marty and I tried deepening the HP to 1" (yeah, thats a long way) but the Barnes was too tough down deep, the width of the hole was not wide enough and the barnes would not peel back and lose SD or weight. In other words, it made no difference to wounding at low velocities. Should mention- that hollow point is stepped, starts wide, then tapers down to 1.5mm / 60 thou. I am kind of buggered now because if I put a wide HP right down into the body of the bullet, it may stuff up its balance and flight stability. Would be OK in close but most of these copper bullets are already very good in close.
09 Mar 2015
@ 10:46 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
Heres a new one from Barnes
I spoke with a Barnes Tech on the Phone and He told me they open easier than the other x bullets. Bigger hole inside.
09 Mar 2015
@ 10:50 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
Check out new products as well as they apparently just came out with a 270 bullet
10 Mar 2015
@ 04:12 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
slimjim/Xman has done heaps of testing of these and all sorts of .277 /6.8mm projectiles
some of the projectiles have a bigger cavity than others the TSX IN 110 GRN comes to mind. they now have range right down to 80 grn as the 6.8spc11 has really opened a mini 14= ymmmmm
he has tried taking plastic tip out/adding it in/deepening blah blah blah
conclusion what works works really well. he got me convinced re 110grn then goes and shoots elk at couple hundy with a 130grn GMX with great results.
if anyone wants to see this info I an go and bump it forward,not sure if I posted link in the 7mm thread earlier.
10 Mar 2015
@ 04:18 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
Has anyone tried the Barnes LRX ?
If so how does it compare to the TTSX ?

10 Mar 2015
@ 08:01 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
cant work out how to post link (not generation Xbox)
big game hunting
150grn .270 long range
BY Slimjim well worth the time to have a look
11 Mar 2015
@ 07:38 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
The problem I see with the LRX is that it may expand better at lower velocities, but it still does not address the lack of fragmentation.
12 Mar 2015
@ 11:40 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: "HornaDaddy's" GMX
The problem I see with the LRX is that it may expand better at lower velocities, but it still does not address the lack of fragmentation.

Maybe experimentation with the LRX given its thinner walls around the hollow point it might be possible to get fragmentation ? Drilling out the hole Larger,Scribing a cut around the tip with a cutter etc ?

Mainly for people who like the performance of the TTSX but wish it expanded faster.

The man I spoke with at Barnes asked me at what ranges I would be shooting at and I told him maybe out to 400 yards and he told me to just use the TTSX because the LRX would probably lose its petals up close and was designed for 600 yard plus shooting.

That tells me the bullet wants to expand and lose its petals already so with ust a little modification(depending on velocities driven and the desired ranges that it will perform better than the TTSX. Maybe not a lot but at least a little more lenient of poor shot placement.

Then LRX has a little better BC as well.

Just a thought !


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