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300 blackout

08 Mar 2015
@ 07:08 am (GMT)

trevor savage

What's the best subsonic load for 300 blackout. And what's it like for goat culling. Ar15 platform.
Anybody out there using it


08 Mar 2015
@ 07:50 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: 300 blackout
Hi Trevor

I've used one, as have heaps of guys.
Lots of guys bought them when they first came out, not long after there was heaps of them for sale on used guns.

To run them sub sonic they're only good for 100yds and then you need very good bullet placement.
Run them full throttle they have less velocity than a 7.62x39.

I'll probable get shot down here but I wouldn't bother, unless you have a Ar15 to play with .
09 Mar 2015
@ 09:20 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 300 blackout
Hi Trev, for our culling, where you get one or two shots in close, then everything runs and all culling is then past 200 yards, the .300 is not for you. No .308 bullet can expand at these velocities. So in essence, you would be shooting FMJ, same as shooting an SKS with mil ammo.

All looks very cool on the websites and vids. The reality is quite different. Also, if culling, you don't have time to adjust dials if shooting subs. Not so cool once you get your head around it all.

There is so much shite on the market now. Thats all it is too, just marketing, new ways to entice and sell.
10 Mar 2015
@ 04:57 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 300 blackout
hi Trevor
i have not used the 300 blackout as it always seem that it didnt offer anything the 308win didn't.
put it into perspective 308win 150 sst superformance ammo becomes subsonic at over 1000yards
i know few guys running ruger 77/44 fully suppressed with some subsonic but this is for shooting over bailing dogs.
30 cal is still very small to be running subsonic as its need high velocity to fully work ( think 22lr subs vs 223 ).
the english had problems trying to make the 9mm subsonic for the De Lisle carbine and still have enough punch in the end they went to 45acp.
if you really want to have a subsonic rifle i would look into the pistol calibre and cast bullets (500 s&w with 700gr cast bullet would have a whack to it) and very limited ranges.
what are you currently running in it now out of curiosity?
12 Mar 2015
@ 04:21 am (GMT)

trevor savage

Re: 300 blackout
thanks for that. i will be going with the .223 ar15 then.
12 Mar 2015
@ 05:28 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: 300 blackout
My 7.62x39mm with 151 grn subsonics is good for bunnies at 25-40 yards...past that the rainbow trajectory makes it hit n miss, ricochet is a HUGE issue with big heavy slug going subsonic, if there isnt a soft background dont even think about it, very unnerving hearing the whizzzzzzzzzzz off at tangent.
the subsonic loads have been used to finish off deer with head shot, and to dispatch mutton for freezer at 30ish yards (exited back of skull) I have them/carry then for possum up tree while stalking or hares .223 is a far better proposition for nearly all scenarios the only time the x39 beats it to my mind is deer at close range in bush...which is what I bought it for, and to get our teenage son shooting. first deer was bang flop with 150 grn reload
2nd deer bang flop to .223 50 grn can guess which one he wants to use now!!!!!!!! MY .223


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