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American Ammo Butchers

07 Mar 2015
@ 05:58 pm (GMT)

Thomas Pavelka

Being buried in 12 feet of snow leaves one to go batty after a spell and so yesterday I decided to pull the ammo boxes out and do a stare and compare on various boxes of factory ammo.

One would think that the modern day machinery would turn out near perfect ammunition. Sad to say, not the case.

As mentioned, lead tips are battered. Too, the seating depths of the bullets are somewhat of a hit and miss as the brass is to the rear of the crimping grove on some rounds, in the middle on others, and some are seated so deep you can't see the groove.

The most precise of them all, hands down is the Hornady Superformance loads. This ammunition is done right.

I picked up a box of it last fall but so far have not launched any of the missiles, but I would be surprised if these rounds do not group exceptionally well.

The box I have is the Hornady Interbonds, which look quite similar to the Amax, but I know they are not the same.

Concerning the Interbonds, where should I place them for the best results? Are they in fact all that as Hornady claims?


07 Mar 2015
@ 09:22 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: American Ammo Butchers
Hornady have done their best with the Interbond. So long as the bullet weight is matched to game weights, aim to break bone- thats always the best way with these and other core bonded bullets. Weight retention is somewhat better than the Accubond. Avoid heavily raking shots (animal facing away) unless using long for caliber Interbonds which have been annealed and hand loaded (cannot do this with factory ammo).

I know some ammo looks beaten up but it can be a surprise. One rifle may like an Interbond while another may prefer Federal blue box. You never can tell. Should mention however, that the Tikka rifles do respond best to SST and Interbond factory ammo. Lately I have wondered if this is due to a specific lead angle used in the rifle chambers that is perhaps unique to the Tikka rifles.


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