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Re: Hornady Match Bullet

04 Mar 2015
@ 08:05 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Unfortunateky Jake, it will be the same as using 7.62 FMJ ball ammo.

The slower you go, the wider you need to go. Think Black powder.

Try to break bone when using your rifle. Line up on the leg, then move forwards 1" to the front line of the front leg. Head shots will be useful too, but watch out for jaw shots with the steep trajectory. You don't have the energy to stun with a missed brain shot.

Don't opt for spine shots until you have a good understanding of the spine. There is a great deal of dorsal vertebrae, the spine curving below. I covered all of this thread and post in the cartridges book so if you have the book, go back through it and check up on these points.


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