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Decisions Decisions

20 Feb 2015
@ 05:09 pm (GMT)

Thomas Pavelka

At present I have a Savage Model 111 in 308 that weighs a scant 5 pounds. It has a 1:12 twist and does not like any bullets weighing more than 150 grains. But with 150's it shoots just under 1 MOA which is commendable for a light rifle like that I would think. I have not taken any game with it because I keep falling back on the 30-06.

Also, a 30-06 that prints .375 groups all day long with factory 165's and opens up to 1 inch with the Berger 168 VLD's. This rifle has an impressive list to its credit.

And a 270 that is also a shooter, but once again, no record, because, I just keep reaching for the 30-06.

But, any respectable rifle nut is always looking for a new addition no matter how many he has.

I stumbled on this site while looking for something on the 270 and I am in Heaven! WOW! Nathan has documented what it takes many a lifetime to gain knowledge on. I WILL be getting ALL of his books.

And so, now I'm in a lather about a 7mm Rem Mag. Just purchased a TC Encore Turkey gun in a 12 bore and now the gears are turning. I can add a 28 inch stainless fluted barrel in 7mm RM to it for not to many "frogskins".

I'm wondering if this is a worthwhile project or should I just get a good 7mm RM bolt gun?

Somehow in my minds eye I'm not thinking an Encore is a "serious" rifle?



20 Feb 2015
@ 05:54 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Decisions Decisions
I'm a long time Thompson Encore user. Have a host of barrels (223, 257 bob, 270 Win & 50 cal ML) that work for my situation here in the northeast US (under 250 yds). The 7mm RM is quite a cartridge but I don't think you'll realize the accuracy potential from a 7mm mag on this platform. IMHO. I've never seen this platform match the potential of a bolt gun in the same caliber. Been there done that. There is a lot of talk of the frame stretch coming into play on the magnum calibers. While I love my son's Encore in the 257 Bob, I found the recoil quite stiff in the 270. More so than my bolt gun. The 7mm recoil was sharp even with a limb saver recoil pad.. I'm sure you can relate using your turkey barrel with a magnum load.
20 Feb 2015
@ 06:33 pm (GMT)

Thomas Pavelka

Re: Decisions Decisions
Thanks for the feedback Shawn. Pretty much what I felt in my heart of hearts regarding the Encores. Being a single shot with an extractor/lifter it would not have the caming power of a bolt gun. While it sounded like a good idea, I'm thinking not so much anymore.

I'm by no means recoil shy as my fav round over the years was a 378 Weatherby mag. The rifle weighed in at close to 9 pounds bare, with scope rings and bases and a few rounds it went 10 1/2. And the rifle was stocked right. With A Square Lion Loads and Dead Toughs that rifle would print clovers at 100 yards and it killed with aplomb.

On the other hand I had a Marlin 270 bolt gun that beat the ever lovin snot out of me. Oh, and did I mention it jammed. Are you kidding me, a bolt gun jamming. Sure did. It was short lived.

Those Tika rifles talked about here I really like. That just may be what I do, get one in a 7mm RM.
20 Feb 2015
@ 07:41 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Decisions Decisions
Hi Thomas, welcome aboard.

You mentioned the book series and this may be the way to go because there are many traps. For example, while the T3 rifles are extremely nice, the magazines are very short which can (but not always) cause problems with certain chamberings such as the 7mm Rem Mag. Recoil of the T3 is also quite severe in the magnums. I would not call it painful but it can effect accuracy.

The system can be made to work but a good deal of thought must be put into it.

The books will walk you right through it all step by step along with your bear bullet questions.


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