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To Clean or Not to Clean : 22LR

20 Feb 2015
@ 01:01 am (GMT)


Not exactly long range topic, but here goes.

I always got told that there is no need to clean a 22LR rifle barrel. Opinions please.

Thanks in advance



20 Feb 2015
@ 02:06 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: To Clean or Not to Clean : 22LR
Good topic Danny, I have been told the same but clean mine a few times a year depending on use anyway........should be interesting to see what people do! I don't scrub it hard though, just carbon removal mainly.

As a side note the 22 magnums will copper foul, l found that out the hard way with a CZ l had. The shop told me to treat it as a 22, big mistake!
20 Feb 2015
@ 02:31 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: To Clean or Not to Clean : 22LR
Read this thread guys
20 Feb 2015
@ 03:56 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: To Clean or Not to Clean : 22LR
I tend to be careful about carbon buildup, but only once or twice a year, I give each .22 a thorough job before putting it away. In doing so, I take them apart and look over everything to ensure all is well, then lube inside as well as out before tucking them away. I also admit that I was a lot more fussy when my boys were taking them out hunting with them than when I do so myself.

Perhaps as much a reflection on being retired as anything...spare time and all that.
21 Feb 2015
@ 01:12 am (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: To Clean or Not to Clean : 22LR
I have looked down bores off 22s that were never cleaned.. it was obvious...whats the point? Protect your investment, clean em..
22 Feb 2015
@ 01:05 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: To Clean or Not to Clean : 22LR
Keep them clean. I always cleaned my 22 BC Moruku lever gun. spray with WD 40 wipe with a oily rag and patch the barrel till clean. I could shoot the tui bird picture on a beer can in the head at 50 Meters every time. it was my possum gun for spotlighting It has a parker hale silencer and I used .22 Shorts in its tube magazine. From memory it held 24 rounds. My brother has it in Australia now. Less the silencer.
22 Feb 2015
@ 08:48 pm (GMT)

Alex Langley

Re: To Clean or Not to Clean : 22LR
Years ago I used to clean it after every outing, not so much now. Much like Bryan I clean mine a couple of times a year. Without fail, after cleaning my 50m groups go from being about the size of a 10c piece to about a 50c piece. After 20 or 30 shots it is back to what it was



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