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Re: Same old dilemma

18 Feb 2015
@ 02:35 pm (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Lovely thread, and I could step in Ted's shoes all day long with the same concerns.

Nathan, to your point, the Cartridges book has become like a nudie magazine for me, sneaking out for peeks and reads all through the week. There are clear distinctions and the text is VERY well thought out - but for us newcomers, the cartridge/rifle selection process can be overwhelming. Mainly zeroing in on the fine line between the .270 running hot 150's vs the 7mmRM with the 160-168's, and then comparing the Seven with the .300WM, so two "thin" grey areas between the .270 and the .300 and I arrive at no conclusion.

Although the 7mmRM is by far a more logical pick given the literature, the selection process and the expertise level, I don't know about you all, but I'm certainly PLAGUED by "what if" scenarios - What if I go to Alaska for Moose, what if I hunt Elk in the US, what if I pool resources with 300 owners to reload, etc etc....And end up arriving at the .300WM to cover my psychological needs. Then again, running the 270 and the 300 covers more bases than the overlapping 270-7mmRM combo, I believe.

I'm running out of cats to skin....jejeje.


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