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Dyna-tek bore coating kit?

12 Feb 2015
@ 06:26 pm (GMT)

Jake long

Has anyone tried this stuff? There seems to be a lot of good reviews out there. It's suppose to permanently coat the inside of your bore which greatly reducing fouling and cleaning time. Could be amazing stuff if it works.




12 Feb 2015
@ 08:05 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Dyna-tek bore coating kit?
Hi Jake, I have not experimented with this yet because I like to give the throats on my rifles a good polish at specific points to prevent craze cracking and if the bores were coated, I would ruin the bore coating. Also, my braked .338 throws a lot of carbon back into the bore which ruins accuracy after a while, same as a suppressed rifle (see book series). This carbon needs to be dealt with in a severe manner. No different to the effort required to clean a burnt fry pan.
13 Feb 2015
@ 03:15 pm (GMT)

Jake long

Re: Dyna-tek bore coating kit?
Nathan, thanks for the reply. I generally use KG or Butches products but the copper was a mother to remove. Even tried cleaning right after shooting several rounds at the range with little help. I read somewhere that Berger alloy jackets don't dissolve with most cleaners.( not sure how true that is)

I ended up doing a ton of research and picked up some Wipe-out. Holly grail of copper removing. This stuff is amazing. I wish I took a picture of all the blue gunk that came out on the first run and that was after several applications of Butches bore shine, 50+ strokes with a brush, KG-12, and so on. I got all three rifles super cleaned just by spray the foam in and waiting an hr. I repeated the process on two and their is zero sign of copper anywhere. Wish I had a bore scope but cannot warrant dropping a Grand.


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