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matrix bullet performance on game

08 Feb 2015
@ 06:06 pm (GMT)

Tony Marasco

Hi Nathan, haven't been here In a while you tried this product on red deer at moderate distances? I know you take a lot of game and you are thorough.I typically use a 270 win and we take numerous bull elk yearly.These are made here in British Columbia, but it is difficult to get info on them.I have talked with the owner/operator of Matrix(Marshal) What is your opinion?


08 Feb 2015
@ 07:47 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: matrix bullet performance on game
Hi Tony, we have taken a range of NZ game now and have had good results with this bullet.

This is where my second book becomes important because I have explained the type of pressure Marshal is put under- target shooters wanting a tough bullet that will resist rpm forces versus hunters wanting a frangible bullet. Marshal has made efforts to try and ensure that this design stays soft, making it optimal for your application. With some of his other bullets, he uses a tougher jacket / bullet design based on target shooting customer demands. Materials supply has also been an issue for a while with the big buy up that is only just easing off a bit.

My Cartridges book has preliminary test procedures to check each batch of bullets and make comparisons with past batches and other designs / brands. I think these procedures are important as a means for ongoing monitoring of projectiles.

A simple preventative measure is to put a note on your order, stating that the bullets are to be used for hunting and need to be as soft as possible (the SD and mild impact velocities are what you will utilize when hunting Elk). You do not need a tough bullet when utilizing this match style design due to the diameter of the meplat (see book for better info).

My advice, put an order through with a note.

Keep your camera handy when hunting please.



We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.