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parker hale safari rifle questions

07 Feb 2015
@ 01:42 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi guys i just managed to pick up a parker hale safari rifle in 308 for what i think is pretty good price as sits seems to be in pretty good nick and barrel looks good but day at range will tell
anyway there few questions
does anyone know the twist rate of the barrel as i want to run the 168 a grain a max's
does anyone know if any of the timney mauser trigger fits light enough standard trigger but not very crisp.
has anyone heard of bentley scopes?

cheers for any help guys


07 Feb 2015
@ 03:14 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: parker hale safari rifle questions
G'day Thomas
To check the twist rate. Use your cleaning rod with a tight patch, with a bit of tape on the rod mark the rod at the end of the barrel and a line on the top further up the rod about 20" to tell one rotation, then mark it again and measure between the two marks. Most 308's are 1:10" or 12".
I use 168gn A-max they're my favourite pill.
Can't help you with the other two questions.
07 Feb 2015
@ 03:35 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: parker hale safari rifle questions
Hi Thomas, the Safari is a straight K98 so yes, you can fit a Timney trigger.

I cannot remember the twist rate now but it will be one of the two as Bob said and will shoot the usual .308 bullets. Try tight patching it.

A farmer up the road has put one aside for me also. The barrel and stock are poked, the action looks good. Can't afford it just yet but it will be a good platform to add to my lot at some stage.


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