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Re: Tikka T3 build/bedding

06 Feb 2015
@ 09:35 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi John, the release agent in the kit is Kiwi boot polish. It is the best release agent we have been able to find- best tolerances etc and far superior to latex.

There are times when I still prefer to have something a bit extra. This may be due to job angles or when teaching newbies (See Jon Short's post in Howa 1500 thread). I would prefer to see something extra applied in this instance.

You can use a bit of imperial neck lube (graphite), basically dip a blusher brush in the neck lube, then apply over the release agent. Another product is CRC 808 silicon (advertised as a mold release). You can also use this on your water proof clothing to add extra water resistance- so a can of this never goes amiss. I also had one client use talc powder and the job appeared to turn out well- but I have yet to experiment with this myself.

FYI, I am using 808 over the bitumen coating on my quad bike frames (when 808 is on special). The bitumen spray (Septone or CRC rust sheild) protects the frames but the surface is sticky and mud clings to it. 808 is the best means to remove the tackiness. Waste oil is not so good as it eventually penetrates the bitumen and weakens it.


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