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Shortening Triflite barrel.

26 Jan 2015
@ 03:12 pm (GMT)

Graham Pye

Hi All, I have a Remington 700 in 308 with a stainless steel Truflite barrel. The barrel is 585 mm long so I guess with the thread its 24 inches. Its 21mm diameter at the muzzel so quite heavy. The stock is an HS Precision.
I find the rifle a bit too heavy at 9.5lbs and would hate to have to lug it over the hills too much.
I have been looking at different ideas and other rifles but see in Nathans book "the 308 Win rifle can be docked from 24" to 20" if needed without any loss of performance". Would this be a suitable thing to do with my rifle?
Would it affect accuracy?
My other option was to look at the Remington 700 tactical with the shorter barrel but I expect I would have the same if I just shortened the barrel on mine.


27 Jan 2015
@ 02:53 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
Hi Graham, you should have no trouble getting this shortened to 20". True-Flite could also possibly re-contour if need be.
27 Jan 2015
@ 07:57 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
Hi Graham,
Here's a good article discussing shorter 308 barrels.
27 Jan 2015
@ 08:07 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
What's the weight of 4 inches of barrel?
27 Jan 2015
@ 08:34 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
I think the more compact (ie shorter barrel) the "lighter a rifles feels". The physical weight may be similar but if the balance is more central the easier or quicker they carry/handle.
27 Jan 2015
@ 11:22 pm (GMT)


Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
I have the Remington 700 5R - very heavy barrel - in 308 and at Nathan's suggestion I had it cut to 20". Handloads with 4895 powder and 130gr TTSX bullets and half a dozen different factory loads and bullets all give 1/4" groups at 100yds. It shoots better (or I shoot it better) than my 26" magnum. I have a 358 Win in exactly the same setup and it shoots factory loads to 1/3-1/2". Both guns are great in the field with the shorter barrels. The guys at the range give me hell, however, because the noise from the short barrels gets trapped under the overhang, making the 308 sound like a cannon.
27 Jan 2015
@ 11:33 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
Yep, I'll +1 the feels lighter than it is. The balance will be improved dramatically. It may not weigh a lot less but it will handle much better.
29 Jan 2015
@ 12:48 pm (GMT)

Graham Pye

Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
Thanks for the information. Yes an improvement of balance would be a good thing. There is alot of weight at the front and on my forarm when holding the rifle. I'll have a read of the article.
04 Feb 2015
@ 05:31 am (GMT)

Chris McKoy

Re: Shortening Triflite barrel.
I shortened a trueflite from 24 inches incrementally down to 10 inches in .308, accuracy actually improved somewhat, however load development was required to keep speeds at acceptable levels.

Given that many manufacturers offer 20 inch barrels as a standard offering, it certainly wont hurt.


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