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Re: Getting myself organized

18 Jan 2015
@ 11:09 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Winchester mod 70 "lightweight"
did the vivid on bolt lugs...some off both, years ago I dug out the hot glue and replaced with a 2 pack araldite and went forward approx 1" onto start of barrel. well free floated at least 3mm clearance.
got recrowned when threaded for G.W. spartan about 2 years..40 shots ago. rifling is still ok..well its still there and looks not to bad.
had a good look for copper fouling the other day and it shows up on 1 land and a little in 1 groove.
my "goal" is to get to 500yards comfortably IF the target board says its ok.
most of my venison is shot under 200 yards but that big antlered stag that has been evading me may just be a tad further so I would like to be prepared for it.
I know throat is long as to seat a ballistic tip against rifling it needs to be 90mm which is far too long for magazine.
3x9x40mm VX1 in weaver mounts and rings.


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