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Copper Bullet

08 Jan 2015
@ 02:35 pm (GMT)

Chris Inscore

Hey guys, I need to find a suitable copper bullet for a .308 in 24" barrel. I have to harvest some deer for research project that will use trail cameras to identify different species of raptors utilizing the carcass. I know from reading Nathan's books that copper bullets are not ideal, I typically shoot Hornady SST but we can not risk lead poisoning of the birds. Any help you guys can provide would be great. The two bullets that I am most familiar with are Barnes TSX and Hornady GMX. This will also need to be readily available factory ammunition in the US.




08 Jan 2015
@ 05:15 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Copper Bullet
Hi Chris, any of the Tipped TSX loads will work well under inside 200 yards with reasonable shot placement. But ideally, try to find a very light bullet weight load which will enable fast killing out to 300 yards or so. As long as you are not shooting long ranges, I see no problem.


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