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Re: To suppress or not suppress

07 Jan 2015
@ 11:33 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

I will watch this thread with interest.....
now MY take on them is this
good for my old ears
good for my dogs ears
easier on recoil so good if son needs to shoot
game seem less disturbed "just around the corner"
my good enough accuracy has stayed same or slightly better probably due to shorter stiffer barrel+ less reaction to recoil/noise
I have them on all mine now and love not getting ear ringing after a day out.
YES they add weight..but if you put them in back pack till you reach open tops then carry rifle on sling across chest with left hand on pistol grip they balance nicely
Nathan has put out there some very good observations re carbon fouling and after being warned and then reading his words of wisdom I am becoming anul about cleaning after use..always been cleaned but get extra good going over now.
my .270 shoots like a .223 when Gunworks Spartan is fitted and sounds like a .22 magnum, my confidence has increased since fitting as I fire more rounds...and as for the 7.62x39mm with super quiet subsonic rounds..just plain good fun.


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