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To suppress or not suppress

07 Jan 2015
@ 05:47 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Hi Guys

I have another question while my rifle is at my gun smiths being worked on.
I already have a 25 cal suppressor for another rifle. So do I get my gunsmith to thread the barrel while he is working on my rifle, I have a spare rear suppressor bush for him to size to the barrel. I may or may not use the suppressor on the rifle, but some times there are neighbours and stock close by to where I shoot and it has to be better for my ears. My question is do you think threading the barrel will be detrimental to accuracy and harmonics etc, whether I use the suppressor or not. I am more interested in accuracy than noise for this rifle. It is chambered in 25 06 so recoil isn't an issue.
I guess what I asking is an honest opinion, are suppressors good or bad or just a fad.


07 Jan 2015
@ 11:33 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: To suppress or not suppress
I will watch this thread with interest.....
now MY take on them is this
good for my old ears
good for my dogs ears
easier on recoil so good if son needs to shoot
game seem less disturbed "just around the corner"
my good enough accuracy has stayed same or slightly better probably due to shorter stiffer barrel+ less reaction to recoil/noise
I have them on all mine now and love not getting ear ringing after a day out.
YES they add weight..but if you put them in back pack till you reach open tops then carry rifle on sling across chest with left hand on pistol grip they balance nicely
Nathan has put out there some very good observations re carbon fouling and after being warned and then reading his words of wisdom I am becoming anul about cleaning after use..always been cleaned but get extra good going over now.
my .270 shoots like a .223 when Gunworks Spartan is fitted and sounds like a .22 magnum, my confidence has increased since fitting as I fire more rounds...and as for the 7.62x39mm with super quiet subsonic rounds..just plain good fun.
08 Jan 2015
@ 02:36 am (GMT)


Re: To suppress or not suppress
Just my opinion, but I'm not a fan. I brought a 7mm08 with one on it. It was a Tikka so I expected it to shoot fairly well. I thought the suppressor would be all I'm told they are. The rifle was new being sold to me by the suppressor maker. They seemed to claim everything good and no down sides that I hear on the net about them also.
It turned out still loud enough to have to use earmuffs maybe I'm sensitive to noise but it was louder than the .223. Recoil reduction was next to nothing. It was a lot more dirty than un-suppressed. It was going to be mostly a bush rifle the barrel was short and I found it to be a pig to shoot off hand. And was heavy, even after fluting and all sorts of tricks to make it light. On top of this it didn't shoot like I thought a Tikka should. To make a long story short I sent it back I didn't like it at all. I find many people rate them but I don't see where all these claims come from. Take for example... oh they don't scare game. Well since I read of Nathan saying it iv taken notice, which is of a magnum but iv noticed other un-suppressed calibres as low as .223.. when they boom game have no idea where the shot came from. They look around confused and often move toward the shot. If they haven't seen your movment or got your scent.

I know most people don't agree with me, I can see the point when using dogs. But For me they just didn't live up to the hype. I admit iv only used the one brand of suppressor but iv been put off. For me the negatives out way any positives. I'd much rather by a pair of $80. Electronic earmuffs.
09 Jan 2015
@ 05:22 am (GMT)

Helmut Pleiter

Re: To suppress or not suppress
Hi Ben, slightly different take on the age old question!
Here is my story, and it starts with "I used to have...". That might give you an indication as to how the story ends.
I used to have a Browning A-Bolt in 25-06 (with the BOSS system). Was a straight shooter and did everything I asked it to - she was mainly a goat slayer. Apart from fine tuning the barrel harmonics to the factory ammo used the BOSS system was also a kind of muzzle brake. Don't know why the Browning guys thought that was necessary, because like you said recoil is not an issue with the 25-06. What the brake did do was make the rifle rather noisy, and this is the point where the suppressor story starts.
I ended up with a full over-barrel suppressor because I thought the rifle would be better balanced than with just a muzzle can and noise reduction would also be better. Yep, the noise reduction was pretty impressive: it turned the rifle from an ear splitter into something that I could comfortable shoot in the bush without ear plugs. The immediate drawback was heavy carbon fouling on the outside of the barrel, even with the use of vaseline as recommended by the manufacturer. The most important change only became apparent after a while - accuracy started to deteriorate. The intense heat had fried the steel of the barrel, and that was the end of it. I sold the stock and action as a base for a rifle project and still have a very expensive and fancy piece of stainless steel in the cupboard.
The moral of the story is: Don't put an over-barrel suppressor on a centrefire rifle, most definitely not one with anything but a heavy contour barrel. Next time my money for noise reduction will surely go towards the best electronic ear plugs on the market.
But seeing that you're not the only one in this equation, you may well need a suppressor as an option when you are shooting around neighbours or stock.
With regards to accuracy, I don't think that a suppressor per se would be detrimental to it. It may well change the POI of your bullet, but you could simply have two different scope settings to allow for that.


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