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New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity

06 Jan 2015
@ 01:50 am (GMT)


Hey there,
new to the site, it's great. I'm glad i stumbled upon it.

I'm looking at getting a new set up: rifle, scope, etc.
I'm in BC, Canada. So pricing is even for me in USA/CAN dollars.
I want a 700 yard accurate rifle for deer, bear, maybe moose at some point.

I was really into the Remington Sendero. It seemed like a great package for a relatively low price, but some of the trouble posts about them on here have scared me a bit.
Is it still considered worth buying?
Looking online the sendero is ~$1200.
A normal Rem700 SPS is $660, wouldn't customizing that put it way over 1200?

In regards to the 7mm RM or 300 WM, is there any measurable difference in rifle longevity?

Thx for the feedback.


06 Jan 2015
@ 06:01 am (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
Hi mike
On rifle selection (I have a sendero II) I still think if if you get one that's no so great you still better off,as you have a great action and stock straight of the bat. Most if the times it can be just a recrown and it will put you on the money.

im way over here in Australia and we are paying nearly double that price for a sendero( just a hs stock is around the $650) . You will have to o a lot more work to the SPS as far as stock work go's. Such as stablizing the stock before bedding with Nathan's stock stabilising compound.

Another thing to think about is rifle weight and recoil( if I remember correctly Nathan thinks the sendero is about minimum weight you want for long range work) this will also have a lot to do with the caliber you go for.Are you recoil senctive ? If your not then I would go the 300 wn mag you have great bullet selection and plenty of power ,the 30 cal will also have , less wind deflection than the 7 mm.
Just some food for thought a 208g amax with a muzzle vel of 2900fps has around 1791foot pound of energy at 700 yards and drops 86.24 inches or abot 11 1/2 Moa. And because of the high B.C of the amax at 700. Yards the bullet is still doing around the 1960 fps.
Considering the bigger game your talking about I would defiantly go the 300 win mag .
Have a good read through the knowledge data base and compare the two ,but I think most would agree with me.
Hope this helps
Cheers Jay
06 Jan 2015
@ 06:35 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
Hi Mike

Don't shy away too far from the Sendero, yes it will most likely need a few tweaks but it will reward you for your efforts!
Many people on here could post terrific results from their factory Remingtons including me, my 300wm is a ripper but my 308 needed a bit more help to reach the same .5 moa and better.
Grab hold of Nathans books and follow his steps and you will end up with a very capable rifle with unlimited aftermarket options.

With the game & ranges you mention 30cal would be my minimum. the 7's are nice and slippery but you cannot beat the projectile choices of the 30's.
300wm’s have good offerings in factory loads for dangerous game like bears & moose. Reloading opens up a lot more again and as Jay has said the 208 Amax's work well at both.

Not sure on the barrel life between the 2, would be similar l think with the 300 just on top with the proper maintenance.
06 Jan 2015
@ 08:29 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
Stick with the original Sendero. The Sendero II can be a hit or miss. Most Senderos you find haven't been shot all that much, not like we do on the long range forums. Though I'm a die hard 7 fan, I think the 300 is definitely route for Canada. Spend the money, they'll shoot 700 yds out of the box all day long without modifications of any kind.
07 Jan 2015
@ 02:43 am (GMT)


Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
I'll likely not be hand loading in the near future (unless i change my mind i guess).
I've looked up the Amax bullets and it seems like the manufacturers only recommend them for targets, not hunting.

I never thought of getting the sendero used. There's some online in the USA for $700 right now (but auction isn't done yet). I'll look into that a bit more.
07 Jan 2015
@ 03:24 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
remington has brought out a longe range model priced in between the sps and the sendero's but you'll have to get peoples opinions of them, would say if you can afford a sendero go for it, but allow room for decent optics in budget.
07 Jan 2015
@ 04:02 am (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
Hi Mike I strongly suggest you get Nathan's first 3 books the first brakes down the different rifle brands and makes and lays out pros and cons the second does the same with caliber and bullet choice and the third tells you how to get the best out of the rifle and keep it at its best. We can only give you our opinions but with the books you have all the info and can make your own opinion based on your needs and budget. The will also give you an understanding of why the guys have suggested what they have.
08 Jan 2015
@ 03:02 am (GMT)


Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
Yes, i'll have to check those books out.
08 Jan 2015
@ 10:36 am (GMT)

Jake long

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
I bought a 7mm mag Sendero a long time ago and it's still my favorite and most accurate rifle. I bought it used off gun $800 and it was sub moa with quality factory ammo even with my poor shooting skills. After lots of abuse, poor cleaning, and rapid firing. I fried the barrel. I upgraded the barrel to a competition quality Harts for $500 installed. Then added a Timmeny trigger for $200, bedded $100, brake $150 and it shoots 1/2 inch groups. I would say this is about the cheapest way to get custom gun quality. Plus, you have the factory barrel to burn out getting skills improved, kinda like getting two guns for one. just my 2 cents
08 Jan 2015
@ 05:00 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
If you are not reloading then the 300 is the way to go for the animals you mention. Good factory load choices in close or out far.

Yes Hornady do state that the Amax's are recommended for target only, but once you have Nathans books to guide you will know how to match the projectiles/calibre(energy)/game/range and of course rifle together for the most humane & accurate outcome. Oh and safe with the DG you list.

And once you get into the field with this knowledge, it will all make come together especially out at 600-700 yards.
09 Jan 2015
@ 12:06 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: New set up, Cailber, Rifle Longevity
It's funny how Hornady say that the AMAX has "excellent terminal ballistics" on their Law Enforcement website!

From the horse's mouth so to speak...


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