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bipod or not

05 Jan 2015
@ 07:31 pm (GMT)

Michael Woodhead

Im at a cross road.I use a T3 in 7mm RM.
Some say bipods effects harmonics,accuracy etc
however at the same time there are longrange shooters on youtube using bipods making some good long kills.
as i live a couple of mins from my hunting grounds i only carry a hydration pack (day hunts only)which is pointless using for a rest in prone
please help me with the pros and cons


05 Jan 2015
@ 08:18 pm (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Re: bipod or not
Hey Michael
Have a read of the articial Nathan has
Written called "Hold that Forend" he covers
Pretty much what you asking. Including the way to use a bi pod
With that information you should beable to decide if and when you want to
Use a bi pod. And also how to modify your shooting technic to accommodate that. Personally I'm a bi pod user but have now started to use sand bags off the bench.
Hope that helps
Cheers Jay
05 Jan 2015
@ 08:53 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: bipod or not
Hi Michael, you are shooting an ultra light, ultra high recoiling rifle (if it is a light barrel model) with two pressure point ribs midway up the forend. The entire system is susceptible to any downward pressure when using a bipod. You only see the good shots on youtube and cannot tell what is going on with a rifle beyond what has been presented.

Errors of at least 1 MOA and above are common when shooting the T3 with a bipod- unless you:

1. Stabilize, bed and adopt an overhand technique that soaks up recoil.
2. Adopt a recoil reducing system, then use a traditional forend hold that does not interfere with the pressure ribs.

You cannot preload a bipod as some folk go on and on about when using a synthetic stocked T3 that has not been stabilized with ribs removed and bedded. Some rifles may shoot well but most won't. Errors will also be present such as when changing from hard ground to soft ground.

If you are shooting close distances, these factors may not be a problem. But the further you shoot, the more each factor will come into play. The T3 is an excellent tool but is also frequently misunderstood.
06 Jan 2015
@ 07:36 am (GMT)

Michael Woodhead

Re: bipod or not
Thanks Nathan ,Jason
holding forend and recoil is not a problem.
i have never shot prone before or at extended ranges eg over i think i will just have to lug a full day pack and practise to find a comfortable position
I just purchased The accurising and maintaince book so once i get the courage up i will look at bedding /stabalizing my T3
Great book worth every cent will be adding the others in time


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