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tuning hand loads

04 Jan 2015
@ 05:09 am (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Hi All
I found out some interesting information yesterday at the range, it sounds kind of strange just wondering if anyone else has come across the same thing.

So a little bit of Rifle info for so you know where im at
Rifle is a Remington Sendero II in 300 RUM. Brass is Bertram, Remington 91/2mag primers Hornady 208g Amax and AR2225(retumbo)

I did have a few issues with this rifle but have them all sorted out now,im just waiting on my new trigger to arrive and it should be set. One other thing I forgot to mention is the rifle has a custom clamp muzzle break that performs unbelievably and they are very cheap in my opinion.

So basicly all componetnts were the same the only thing that varied was powder charge thrown with RCBS Chargemaster and double checked on RCBS 502 bar scale.
loads were as follows
6@93grains powder
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

My best load prior to this was 94.5g of AR2225 for a .5 inch group @100 but when weather warmed up it was showing pressure signs

So the 93grain load gave me and avg of 3105fps with a ES of 65fps
93.2grain load avg of 3112fps and ES of 22fps
93.5grain load avg of 3142fps and ES of 59fps
93.7grain load avg of 3128fps and ES of 44fps
94grain load avg of 3179fps and ES of 61fps

four shot group measured .489,the fifth shot a little low I pulled

the one low and right was first shot some scope adjustment then the one low and left then the three shot group which measure .364 of an inch

So at this stage I guess im pretty happy with the way the rifle is preforming .
whats puzzling is the fact that the other loads didn't produce great groups firstly and secondly the 93.7grain load was slower than the 93.5 grain load.
also the 93.7 grain load also had a lower ES than the 93.5 or even the 93 grain loads .

Now out of the 2 loads that produced great groups the group with the higher ES was a tighter group. I know that small difference could be trigger or style of shooting.

It just is really strange that 93.7 grain load shot 12 fps slower than the 93.5 grain load and also had a 14fps smaller ES

Sorry for the long post, I have a lot more information that I didn't include but tried to give everybody the whole picture

Cheers Jay


04 Jan 2015
@ 05:17 am (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Re: tuning hand loads
sorry guys firs time posting photos so I will try again

04 Jan 2015
@ 08:10 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: tuning hand loads
I would shoot those two loads again to verify the groups.
04 Jan 2015
@ 08:55 pm (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Re: tuning hand loads
Hi jim
Thanks for the reply
I shoot 3 shot groups of all the loads letting the barrel cool
Between groups, I then go back and shoot another 3 shot groups of the same loads at the same targets. That's how I end up with the six shot groups(5 in sometimes) on the one target. I don't clean between groups either as I want to know what the loads shoot like in a normal hunting situation. I think Ina way I'm kinda lucky,I've followed Nathens instructions to a T and then some.
I have put over 70 shots through my rifle with out cleaning and only had to run about 5or 6 patches through it to get all the copper out so its not a fouler. Also shooting 24 rounds that I did through it took me about 21/2 hours, as I also wanted to see if the temp had any effect on the grouping. It was about 22degC when I started shooting and about 28degC when I was finished. One thing I have never really changed with any of my rifles is primers I've always used remingtion.
Have you had better success with other primers jim or do you think at this point I'm chasing my tail ?

Cheers Jay


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