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270WSM or 7mm RM

11 Apr 2012
@ 09:03 pm (GMT)

Danny Strong

I've just purchased a 7mm RM. My good friend and hunting partner is on the path to purchasing a longer range hunting rifle than his current 7mm-08 that must be flat shooting and capable of taking Elk down to Chamoi.

He has permanent disability to his shoulder and is recoil sensitive. 10 shots from the 7mm-08 leaves him sore the next day. After the usual mind numbing, confusing process of caliber selection he has started to zero down to either a 7mm RM or the lesser recoil of the 270WSM. Both of these shoot as flat as he wants.

He is concerned about the recoil from the 7mm RM and sees the 270 WSM as an alternative.

Would the 270WSM suite Elk to say 400yds with a vitals shot. Do you have an alternate suggestion for a round.



13 Apr 2012
@ 02:06 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 270WSM or 7mm RM
Hi Danny. This is not straightforwards.

A light weight 7mm-08 (eg Kimber / Tikka T3) can recoil as much as a medium weight 7mm Rem Mag. Scopes have a pronounced effect on perceived recoil also. Shooting technique has a pronounced effect of both perceived recoil and actual recoil.

So the three preliminary factors are:

The rifle- rifle weight and stock design
Shooter technique
Scope eye relief. U.S brand scopes are the best / longest eye relief.

Cartridge power comes into the equation last of all.

Statistically, looking back over past clients, technique is a big factor. If the butt pad isn't held high, poor fore hand grip, poor sling technique, the shooter can end up very bruised. Please utilize the hold that forend article for help. Also, observe your friend while he is shooting. If he looks like he is trying to light a cigarette on a windy day, then he is far too bunched up and he will end up bruised.

The .270 WSM is good in that it does put a ceiling on recoil. The 150 grain Partition is adequate for Elk, though not quite as emphatic as a larger bore, yet it will get the job done with shoulder shots. The 130 grain Barnes is very effective on Elk sized game, but does its best work at impact velocities above 2400fps. Generally, speaking, toggling between the 150 grain Partition and SST (annealed if need be) will cover your friends needs while keeping recoil below that of the larger Magnums. But- if the rifle is of a light weight design, all bets are off. Same goes for any drop at the heel of the butt stock. Your friend needs a straight recoiling stock design- no monte carlo stocks.

There was a time when 8.5lb was light for a hunting rifle, 9.5-10.5lb was medium and 11-13lb considered heavy. Nowadays everyone wants a 6.5lb rifle. Make no mistake, a 6.5lb (7-7.5lb with scope) rifle in 7mm-08 or .308 combined with anything less than optimum technique can boot the shooter into next week. It is important to take time to consider this.

Perhaps your friend can experiment a bit with this, using your current XCR 7mm RM. This is another rifle that can boot if not held properly- your fore hand fingers need to be right up over the stock, touching the barrel, elbows wide if lying down or on a bench. My last client was worried about recoil, had been beaten around by various rifles. Before the tutorial, he was adament that he could not shoot a magnum and did not want to shoot a magnum. We did our tutorial with my heavy barrel .308 and he got that down pat. But towards the end of his stay, the client asked to shoot the Practical and he was surprised. The recoil was quite fine, a balance of the rifle design combined with the technique he had acquired.

There are many cartridges to choose from, the .30's are emphatic on large bodied deer but as you suggested, it can be mind numbing so I won't add anything to the mix. I do suggest your friend tries your rifle, does some experimenting. A 7mm RM Sendero would produce much less recoil than your XCR however this may prove too much weight as a carry rifle at 11-11.5lb all up. The .270WSM is a good option- providing you/he can find a rifle of an appropriate configuration.

You may end up having to go the custom route to find the balance. The other way to go is to mount a Nightforce 5.5-22x50 on a Laminate Tikka (or plastic stocked Tikka), this can prove to be optimally well balanced for a long range carry rifle. The only disadvantage being the slim barrel if multiple shots are to be taken.
26 Apr 2012
@ 04:53 pm (GMT)

Randy Winkel

Re: 270WSM or 7mm RM
I also am a bit recoil sensitive. not from injury or anything like that, just become inacurate anticipating sharp recoil. I recently purchased a 7mm weatherby magnum (Mark v) and installed it in a Bell and Carlson carbelite stock with a mercury tube nstalled by them at the factory. I had planned on installing a removeable muzzle brake also, but don't feel i need it now as it recoils about like my 270 winchhester or a 308. seems to slow down the recoil to a push instead of a slap. might be something to consider. I was pushing a 140 grain barnes ttsx at very impressive velocities. too fast to quote until i verify with another range session with the chrony.


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