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31 Dec 2014
@ 08:48 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Happy New Year!


31 Dec 2014
@ 09:17 pm (GMT)

Jake long

Re: 2015
Happy New Years as well!!!
02 Jan 2015
@ 08:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 2015
Thanks Jim, yes, happy new year to everyone.

Here are some lessons in NZ culture:

Kiwi legend Billy T James:

Another New Zealand Icon- Barry Crump (Author / Bushman / culler). This was the first Toyota Hilux advert for NZ. The director employed Crump for the advert (he got the Hilux):

Understanding antipodean lingo with help from Toyota in 1999.

Dave Dobbyn from DD Smash (1980's)- seemed harmless enough. But live, the poor sod always caused a riot of some sort. I worked security on one of his gigs back in the day. It was peaceful for roughly 45 seconds. It got too much for Dave in the end, all that rioting. Certainly a strange thing. Don't listen to this quietly- must be high volume / good system to get the full effect of 1980's NZ (and to overcome 240p). So turn it right up and get the kids to get up and dance!:

All the best.


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